Park Entrance Fees Kibale National Park

Park Entrance Fees For Kibale National Park

Park Entrance Fees For Kibale National Park; Kibale national park is renowned for its various primate species it harbors, most especially chimps, and these make the chimpanzee safaris to this place memorable. It is the primate capital of the world because of its abundance. Kibale national park harbors over 1400 chimpanzees and other primates; perhaps, it is the vegetation type with makes the primates so adoptable to the environment.

The chimpanzee trekking activity in kibale national park highlight the safaris done here and also give you an opportunity to see other primates like the black and white colobus monkeys, vervet monkeys and the red tailed monkeys among the rest.

Just like other protected areas, Kibale national park is under the watch care of a government body called Uganda wildlife authority (UWA) and it is also the same to stipulate park entrances fees and other fees attached to the park, like the activity fees among others.

Individual park entry fee

The park entrance fees to Kibale national park are stipulated basing on the citizenship of the visitor or the visitor status as explained below;

Adults visiting kibale national park are entitled to an entry fee of 40 USD for the foreign nonresidents, 30 USD for the foreign resident visitors and 20000 UGX for the citizens of east Africa. However, the children are charged 20 USD, 10 USD and 5000 UGX for foreign nonresidents, foreign residents and the east African citizens respectively, as park entrance fees to kibale national park.

On the other hand, Uganda wildlife authority also catered for the pupils and students to Kibale national park, the pupils are liable to 3000 UGX and students are charged 5000 UGX, this case only caters for pupils and students of the east African community only.

Annual park entrance fee

Alternatively, one can pay park entry fees for the whole year, as this can relieve on the stress of paying a lot of money every time you enter the national park. an individual person can is liable to 350 USD if he or she is a foreign resident, and 150000 USD for the east African citizens.

A couple of foreign residents are entitled to 500 USD as annual park entry fee to kibale national park, and 200000 UGX for a couple of east African citizens. On the other hand, a family with maximum 4 children is liable to 700 USD for annual park entry fee and 300000 UGX for the east African citizens with the same family.The annual corporate pass of 1500 USD is entitled for the foreign residents and 2.5 million Uganda shillings for the east African citizens for access to kibale national park annually.

The safari guides and taxi drivers to kibale national park are entitled to a sum of 100000 UGX as annual park entry fee. On the other hand, the tour company driver is not charged for park entry fee. However, a foreign resident tour operator pays 50 USD as the annual park entry fee and 125000 UGX for a tour operator who is a citizen of east African community.

Vehicle and aircraft landing fee

  • Motor cycles – 30 USD for foreign, and 20000 UGX for east African cycles
  • Saloon cars – 40 USD and 20000 UGX for foreign  and east African cars respectively
  • Minibuses , pickups and 4WD – 50 USD  if foreign  and 30000 UGX for East Africa


  • Gliders, micro lighters – 10 USD if foreign and 20000 UGX for east African
  • Aircraft with up to 3 seats – 20 USD for foreign and 40000 UGX for east African
  • Aircraft with 4 to 6 seats – 30 USD if foreign and 60000 UGX for east African
  • Aircraft with 7 to 14 seats – 40 USD for foreign and 80000 UGX for east African aircrafts
  • Aircraft with 15 to 20 seats – 50 USD and 100000 UGX for foreign and east African respectively
  • Aircraft that carries over 21 – 60 USD for foreign and 120000 UGX for east African air crafts
  • Helicopter – foreign 100 USD and east African 250000 UGX

To note the park entry fees are independent on any other park charges and the vehicle entry fees as well.

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