Kibale National Park

 Kibale National Park

Kibale National park is located in the western part of Uganda and it is an evergreen rain forest. The attractions in Kibale National Park make it outstanding and one of the best national parks to visit in Uganda.  The park is protected an evergreen rainforest, the park is 770 square kilometers in size located between 1,100 meters to 1,600 meters in elevation. The forest is evergreen with both a lowland and Montane forests, the eastern Africa, sustaining the expense of pre montane forest.

Kibale National park was gazette in the 1932 and was established after one year in order to protect a large area of forest. The park continues with Queen Elizabeth National park with a corridor of 180 kilometers of wildlife.

After Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park having primates like Gorillas, Kibale National Park offers a different kind. Kibale National park is a habitant to the habituated chimpanzees, these chimpanzees are trained to live close to human beings and you will have a chance to spot other primate species in the park.

The park is one with the biggest diversity of primates in Africa. It happens to be a home to the endangered primates such as the chimpanzees, red colobus monkey, L’Hoest Monkey and many more.

Kibale National Park protects all the habituated communities in several areas of the central African community. There a number of Ugandan red Colobus monkey, L’Hoest’s monkey, mangabey, black and white colobus, and blue monkey. Elephants of the park travel between Queen Elizabeth  National park.

Kibale Forest National Park
Kibale-Forest-National-Park Primates

There other mammals within Kabale National park to see these include blue and red duikers, sitatungas, bushbucks, bush pigs, warthogs, giant forest hogs, warthogs, African buffaloes and many more. There carnivores in the park including the African golden cat, servals ,leopards, mongooses ,lions, otter and many more.

There many bird species in the area a total of 340 birds such as the western tinker bird, olive long tailed cuckoo, western tinker bird ,grey parrot ,ground thrush and many more. There many primate species common in Kibale National forest.


Kibale National park has a number of primates; the white colobus monkey, black and white colobus monkey that feed on different diets such as the younger leaves to primates these leaves has more proteins and easily digest.

The park has 230 species of trees which are within the tropical forests of the park, some of the tree species include the cordial milleni, lovoa swynnertonii, Entandrophragma and many more.

The main attraction in Kibale National park is chimpanzee trekking, there is no client who misses to see the chimpanzees on their trek other attractions include Crater lake hike, culture visits, Bigodi wetlands, biking, hiking, bird watching, mammals and Nature walk.

Kibale National park, chimpanzee habituation experience, starts early morning and lasts the whole day while the chimpanzee trekking takes only one hour to have an interaction with the chimpanzees. You will also be able to spot other species like butterflies, trees, birds and mammals.

There other activities for the children to off including Bush craft since they cannot trek the chimpanzees. The rangers will take the children through the forest to show them the wildlife, trees, plants, birds and monkeys.

There other activities at Kibale National park which you hike and enjoy a nature walk see various habitats, fivers, swamp, grassland, tropical rainforest and many more.

Nocturnal Forest walk

During this walk you will be able to see pottos, Bush babies, Tree pangolins.

Bigodi wetlands

Visit the Bigodi wetlands a swamp in the tropical jungle, see the   bird species, primates and many more.

Crater lakes

There many villages, tea plantation and many more to see.

Amabere Caves

Amabere caves have beautiful natural wonder and cultural legends.

Nakayima witch’s Tree

The tree is a cultural traditional worship site, its located along the way to Kibale from Kampala or from Kibale to Kampala. It’s one of the  main cultural historical sites in Uganda.

Accommodations at Kibale National park

There many accommodations that range from budget, midrange and luxury lodges. The lodges include Ndali lodge, Kayininga lodge, Kibale Forest lodge, Ndalie lodge an many more to see.

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