Be Prepared for uganda

Preparation For A Trip To Uganda

First, you will need medical advice before your travel to Uganda, you need to receive the right vaccinations for example against Polio, yellow fever, Diphtheria, Hepatitis A & B, Tetanus, Rabies, and Meningitis are very much recommended when you’re immunized.

In Uganda there is a high risk of malaria thus it’s very important for one to check with the doctor if the area you’re visiting requires malaria vaccination. You’re as well advised to wear long-sleeved, light clothes, use a mosquito repellent.


All tap water is treated however it’s contaminated and one should avoid it at all costs unless it is purified and boiled for safe consuming. For this reason, bottled water is widely available in the country at a cheap price and therefore you should be willing to stock some.

Be ready to test the food of Uganda. Ugandans consider their meat sauce like a stew dish which is accompanied by their famous matooke are cooked smashed green banana, Ugali which is a thick doughy from maize floor, the side dishes they serve like beans, groundnuts, vegetables, sweet potato, yams, cassava won’t be missed on the table.

The country has a number of rivers, be ready to test different types of fish including tilapia, Nile perch and many more.

You will have to be ready to eat a number of fresh fruits in the country, including Jackfruit, Mangoes, pineapples and many more to mention.

Ugandan’s are known for eating grasshoppers,

the famous Rolex, chapattis, mandazi dough covered in cinnamon or sugar.

Decide what you need in your tour itinerary, Length of your trip/tour, Contact a Tour operator and Know the cost of your Trip or Tour.

If you have the money with your book or start saving Money after knowing the cost,  book accommodation.

Buy a visa and book your flight.

There a lot of souvenirs, African traditional handicrafts at a reasonable price make great souvenirs.

There a lot of carved wooden masks, made by local artists, to make sure you go back with a  great memorial and unique authentic.

There are a lot of items to offer to take to your home including woven baskets, bowls.

Buy the local fabrics with stunning African patterns that are purchased and taken home.


Yes, it is safe to travel in Uganda, many foreign women especially white women attract attention in Uganda thus be prepared for people to want to talk to you, touch your skin, be invited to their house.

The currency of Uganda is Uganda shillings and there are a number of forex bureaus in the country to exchange your money, the facilities run from banks and many more.

The cost of a Gorilla permit is charged at a fee of $600 and lodging cost ranges between 40Usd to 50USD per night.

Uganda’s time zone is 3 hours ahead of GMT.

The wifi surely is available in the country, in major hotels, restaurants; cafes in Kampala, some rural areas are less connected.

Welcome to the pearl of Africa Uganda a home of happy people.

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