1 Day Rwanda Gorilla Safari

Main threats to Mountain Gorillas

Threats to Mountain Gorillas which are endangered species found in central parts of Africa. They are wild apes surviving in the Virunga National Park of Congo, Volcanoes National Park in the northwest of Rwanda, Mgahinga National Park in the south west part of Uganda, and Bwindi impenetrable forest national park located in the southwest part of Uganda.

Threats to mountain gorillas include:

Habitat Loss

The main threat to mountain Gorillas is habitat loss and the loss comes as a form forest clearance and degradation by humans’ beings.

Limited Natural Resources

As the population continues growing around the sectors inhabiting the mountain Gorillas, competition for the natural resources increases. This happens when the population keeps straggling for a living/survival including the competition for limited natural resources, such as firewood as a result of deforestation, converting land for agriculture.

The solution to the habitat loss is to develop the economic system that meets the daily needs of people so that they don’t see the Gorillas as competitors but a mean result of improving their daily way of living.


Poaching remains a real threat to mountain Gorillas. Due to the incidence which occurred in the 2002, 2004, 2007 and recently in 2013, a number of Gorillas were killed and infants were captured live for trade. This was discovered when an Infant was abandoned in the field and later on recovered outside of the Virunga national park. Another case occurred when hunters killed over 50 mountain Gorillas.

Till now poaching continues although poaching Gorillas for food is generally rare. During the 60s and 70s mountain Gorillas were poached for sale to the foreigner countries for trophies and captive ‘zoo’ although mountain Gorillas can never survive in the captivity.


Disease is another threat to mountain Gorillas. Gorilla genes are relatively related to humans this makes them more vulnerable to many diseases and any human contact is harmful as well as life threatening.

This has been advanced to tourists to always keep a 7 meters away from the mountain Gorillas although game rangers, poachers and the local communities are a threat. Some gorillas have been seen with common skin diseases like scabies, respiratory diseases which can spread to the whole members of the family since mountain Gorillas live in groups. And they end up spreading to other groups during interaction. Other threats to mountain gorillas include the communities and locals facing civil arrest in the ongoing regions.

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