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Are Mountain Gorillas going extinct?

Mountain Gorillas are endangered species inhabiting Africa. Mountain Gorillas inhabit the virungas of democratic Republican of Congo, volcanoes of Rwanda, mgahinga and Bwindi impenetrable national park in Uganda.
Mountain Gorillas are listed as endangered species with only 880 of them still existing. These apes are the largest in the group of apes with their large body and are intelligent wild apes.
Surprisingly, these close primates to the human beings with 98% DNA are going extinct.Mountain gorillas are going extinct for many reasons.
Yes mountain Gorillas are going extinct due to the growing number of local people, hence forcing the gorillas to go further into the mountains, where they may face more danger.
Gorillas are raided and killed if found in peoples gardens, with this action a number of Gorillas are killed hence leading to their extinct.
They are going extinct because of political instability and war such as in Congo where the country is not stable, and a number of mountain Gorillas are Killed.
With the rate of poaching and habitat loss, mountain Gorillas are to disappear in the region from most present range in less than 10years.
Ebola virus which is spreading has contributed to the decline of these great apes, this virus weaken the immune system hence causing the Gorillas to die.
Infectious diseases, from human to animals especial the trekkers and local people has led to a decline of mountain Gorillas, however the veterinary doctors and the Uganda wild life Authority, are playing are big role in promoting laws to protect the mountain Gorillas .for example sick people are not allowed to visit the mountain Gorillas and the local people are not accepted to stay inside or very close to the habitants of mountain Gorillas.
Deforestation; the clearing of the forest by local people and timber logging has caused a lot of trees to be cleared, the trees are used for firewood and for sale by the large population hence forcing the Gorillas to move more further in the forests where at times they face hard time which leads to their extinction.
They are going to become extinct because of lack of awareness by the local people, and poachers who do not know the importance of mountain gorillas but end up killing them.
Lack of well trained rangers who are in charge of protecting the mountain Gorillas has led to the decrease in the number of mountain Gorillas which threatens a possible extinction.
Gorilla trekking is one of the best ways to contribute to Gorilla conservation and ensuring these gentle creatures do not get wiped off the face of the universe! Let us help you put together and affordable Gorilla trekking safari in Bwindi or Volcanoes national park in Rwanda and play your part in helping prevent a possible extinction of the mountain Gorillas.

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