Volunteering in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

Becoming a volunteer in Bwindi impenetrable National park is not as hard as one might think.

Applying for non paid employees volunteering in Bwindi Impenetrable in a variety of specific roles is an effective way of boosting Uganda Wildlife Authority. Volunteering is discretion of management.

The process of Submission is based on criteria.

One has to Submit a curriculum vitae with related documents to the Human Resource Manager.

The human Resource Manager will go through the application letter, and decide the nature of assignment applied for.

They will read through the organizational operational needs which are  assigned for.

They will also Read the work experience and skills of the applicant in specific field of Bio data including ages and Certificates of the applicant and  recommendations.

Quality of the past relation the applicants may have had with Uganda Wildlife Authority is also important.

The assignment will be broken down into different tasks.

Volunteers should be in line with Uganda Wildlife Authority, including in Conservation or business.

After the acceptance, you will be issued a letter of agreement which include the responsibilities of the volunteer and you be asked to sign the letter.

Volunteer is required to sign a waiver, provide insurance which covers the period of volunteering with Uganda Wildlife Authority.

You will have to cater for your own accommodation, transport, meals, and medical expenses.

You’re not allowed to volunteer for more than six months in Bwindi Impenetrable National park unless one is assigned with a new arrangement of not more than six months.

While volunteering with the Uganda Wildlife Authority one has to follow the rules and regulations that governs all employees.

If the volunteer wants to be terminated, both the volunteer and the Uganda Wildlife Authority are entitled to a period of formal notice of two weeks.

In case you have something’s that you no longer use including clothes, shoes, books and many more, in case you can pack something they will appreciate.

Have an option of volunteering with a youth group or women that are involved in poverty programs as you share with them your skills.



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