The New Gorilla Family

The New Gorilla Family

Bwindi impenetrable forest national park is well known for eleven mountain gorilla families, and the tourists, over the years, have been booking for the mountain gorilla family that real describes their interests for the gorilla trekking safari. Here is, the new gorilla family in bwindi impenetrable started in 2019 that you could experience and perhaps check it out.

Bwindi impenetrable national park has been known for having eleven (11) families of mountain gorillas, but to add on the list, there is the new mountain gorilla family that has been introduced to sum up to, now, twelve (12) mountain gorilla families in the park and ready to be visited, perhaps, it can, actually, be your new mountain gorilla family for your Ugandan mountain gorilla safari this yer.

Mr. Stephen Masaba; Note that – AUTO is responsible for the regulation of the tour operators and companies in Uganda. It was announced that there is a new gorilla family ready for visiting any time. The new mountain gorilla family is found in Rushaga gorilla trekking sector, one of the most populated parts of bwindi impenetrable national park with about 5 mountain gorilla families, and now, plus one.

Rushaga sector has been known to be having five (5) mountain gorilla families but with the introduction of the new gorilla family, rushaga has six (6) gorilla families ready for you this time. The new mountain gorilla family is called Rwingi mountain gorilla group.

The new mountain gorilla family (Rwingi Gorilla Group)

Rwingi, the new mountain gorilla group, has been created as a splitter family from kahugye or kahuje mountain gorilla group. The name of rwingi gorilla family is the name of the silver-back that heads it, now. This shows that gorillas also have family names like Humans with whom they share 90% of their DNA. The new rwingi mountain gorilla family has a number of six members, the silver back inclusive. For this, you got to book for a ticket and never know you might be among the first ones to take on a first hand visit to the new gorilla group in Rushaga area, called rwigi.

Other mountain gorilla families

Old is gold, you can stick to the “veteran” mountain gorilla families in bwindi impenetrable national park that have been lucrative with exciting the visitor that visit them year in year out.

Bwindi impenetrable national park has the 11 other veteran mountain gorillas apart from the new “rwingi” family. Three families are found in buhoma area to the north of bwindi impenetrable national park, namely; rushengura, mubare and habinyanja. To the eastern part of bwindi impenetrable national park, ruhija families include; butukura, kyanguriro and oruzongo gorilla familes. One family is found in nkuringo area of bwindi national park and it is called nkuringo mountain gorilla group. Then the rest of the families are found in rushaga area south of bwindi impenetrable national park, namely; mushaya, kahungye, Busingye, nshongi and buhoza.

All the mountain gorillas in bwindi impenetrable forest sum up to over 400 mountain gorillas; almost half of the world’s mountain gorilla population and all ready to be visited all year long. Book your gorilla permit now since it’s the low season and you can have a discount for your permit. You cannot regret your permit for gorilla trekking in bwindi impenetrable national park, gorilla trekking is a captivating and memorable experience, and it will repay every dollar with a full hour with the habituated mountain gorillas up in the forest.

Perhaps, now rushaga gorilla families have got new members in the community and this is growth and development, thanks to you for supporting the gorilla conservation program of Uganda through buying a gorilla trekking permit.

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