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10 Days Best Primate Safari

10 Days Best Primate Safari highlights

10 Days Best Primate Safari centers on primate species exploration into the evolution of man theory. We will visit the great apes, observe their characters, behaviors and discover similarities with man. Many travelers on tour of Uganda are excited at the discoveries of very close similarities.

On this Uganda Primate safari, the travelers will visit the Batwa; the last human kind to inhabit and share the Bwindi rainforest with the Mountain gorillas and other wildlife species. The travelers listen to secrets of Batwa games of survival in the wilderness and discoveries often leave them speechless.

This 10 Days Best primate safari to Uganda as well explores other wildlife resources with high possibilities of spotting 4 out of the Big5 African mammals; but the strange feeling of interacting with the Mountain gorillas overshadows them altogether.  

Primate Safari Activities


Day 1: Welcome to the Pearl of Africa

Your 10 Days Best Primate safari guide will be on wait at Entebbe International Airport upon your arrival for your tour into Uganda. Meet and greet, share a cup of coffee as you discuss the primate safari plans. You will check into your hotel in on the shores of Lake Victoria in Entebbe or Kampala City 1-hour drive away.

Day 2: Transfer to Lake Mburo National Park

You will set out for the 4-hour travel west of Kampala city. You will traverse from north to south of the sphere and wander into the woodlands of Lake Mburo National Park before checking into your hotel.

Do a 2-hour boat cruise, explore Lake Mburo and discover hidden corners wildlife species are hiding in. The travel back to hotel is an adventure of its own kind with high opportunities of spotting nocturnal wildlife species. 

Day 3: Game viewing drive, travel to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

Rise up for an early breakfast and set out travel so that you Wander into the open grasslands and traverse thickets in search of unique wildlife sightings.

You will thereafter set out on 6-hour travel to Bwindi Impenetrable forest. Check into the rainforest at sunset, discover a captivating destination and experience the wilderness first hand.

Day 4: Mountain gorilla trekking

Here you explore the Bwindi rainforest mostly an untouched wilderness. The rangers descend you into the thick jungle, you wander in the wilderness walking in the footmarks of moving mountain gorillas. You traverse steep valleys hanging desperately on solid rock.

Trekking gorillas in Bwindi is a unique adventure of its own class. The rangers soon discover the feeding territories and you are 7m apart from gorillas. Interaction with gorillas is restricted to an hour and the gorilla trekking entourage retreats to the starting point. You will set out on tour of indigenous communities who have lived their lifetime with the gorillas.

Day 5: Travel to Queen Elizabeth national park

On this day you set out of the Kigezi highlands and descend onto the Edward rift in Queen Elizabeth national park.Queen Elizabeth National Park is vast, it is diverse and full of exciting sighting from corner to corner. You will visit the Ishasha rift, explore the grasslands and wander into the woodlands.

Queen Elizabeth National Park is vast, it is diverse and full of exciting sighting from corner to corner. You will visit the Ishasha rift, explore the grasslands and wander into the woodlands.

The 10 Days Best primate safari guide will concentrate on particular spots with high concentration of wildlife. Unique prides of lions in Ishasha rest up fig trees under the heat of the day. You will resume travel to Mweya peninsular and check into your hotel overlooking the Kazinga channel.

Day 6: Chimpanzee tracking in Kyambura gorge

Today you will explore the Kyambura sector and track families of chimpanzees. The rangers descend you steep escarpment onto the bottom of the gorge. Families of chimpanzees are resident in a forest along the bed of the river. You will wander into the wilderness and explore the wetland vegetation.

Your interaction with the chimpanzees lasts an hour and you retreat to base station. A 2-hour boat cruise on the Kazinga channel is an exciting way to relax, refresh and explore the aquatic wildlife species. A sunset game viewing drive is a better option of closing the exciting events of your Ugandan 10 Days Best Primate safari day.

Day 7: Game drive, sightseeing drive

Set out early morning and travel into the wilderness. You will explore the Edward rift and wander into the grasslands in search of unique wildlife sightings. Kasenyi circuit is an exciting excursion Uganda safari destination all year round with a high concentration of grazing mammal species.

Their arch enemy carnivores lurk behind the thickets in ambush waiting for a moment to pounce. Swarms of beautiful birds flock from corner to corner creating a unique spectacle. You will tour the crater area on sightseeing drive and visit traditional salt mining works in Katwe on the shores of Lake Edward.

Day 8: Travel to Kibale National Park.

You will take an early breakfast and set out on the game viewing driving to top up on wildlife sightings on your safari to Uganda. You will explore the channel track to increase chances of spotting large herds of elephants. You will explore the Kasenyi grasslands and traverse the woodlands in search of wildlife sightings. You will set out on travel to Kibale national park, traveling in the foothills on the Ruwenzori Mountains.

Day 9: Chimpanzee tracking

This day you will travel to Kibale; a lowland rainforest and explore a unique habitat where adventure and excitement run hand in hand. Rangers will descend you into the rainforest and you traverse all corners walking in fresh tracks of moving chimpanzees.

Kibale rainforest is a truly stunning and less discovered gem. You will interact with chimpanzees for an hour and return to the assembly point. Your primate safari guide will escort you to Bigodi wetland sanctuary on the edges of the forest for an exciting community walk. You may visit selected homesteads and get authentic countryside life experiences.

Day 10:  Departure

You set out on 5-hour travel to Kampala city however, the primate safari guide will escort you to Entebbe International airport for your departure flight.

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