Chimpanzee Trekking

6 Days Rwanda gorilla and chimpanzee trekking safari

6 Days Rwanda gorilla and chimpanzee trekking safari

6 Days Rwanda gorilla and chimpanzee trekking safari, Away from Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park, Welcome for this wonderful safari into Rwanda. We will tour Kigali City, learn history about Rwanda and interact with indigenous Rwandan people. Our travel south to Nyungwe forest is an adventure that will forever last on your memory. We traverse the highlands, tea estates and settle into a rainforest. We will wander into the rainforest and track chimpanzees; humankind’s closest relative of all wildlife species. The adventure in Nyungwe Forest National Park is more exciting by a walk into the forest canopy. We will travel north and traverse the rainforest in search of Mountain gorillas. Our tour into the gorilla guardians’ village brings us closer to interaction with indigenous Rwandan people. We will listen to their songs and dance to their music.

Safari activities

  • Explore the countryside
  • Chimpanzee tracking
  • Canopy walk
  • Mountain gorilla trekking
  • Visit to the gorilla guardians’ village
  • Kigali City tour

Day 1: Kigali City tour

  • Kigali city tour: Your guide on tour into Rwanda will meet you up at Kigali International Airport on arrival. You will travel to your hotel, share a cup of coffee / lunch and share your interests on tour into Rwanda. You will set out on tour of Kigali City and visit a few places of historic importance. The visit in the city explains a lot about the Rwandan people and their lifestyles. Rest and shake off flight fatigue.

 Day 2: Travel to Nyungwe Forest

  • Transfer to Nyungwe: Today is the start of your tour into Rwanda proper. You set out shortly after breakfast for 6-hour travel south of Rwanda to Nyungwe forest. The travel takes you through beautiful countryside flourishing with breathtaking natural sceneries and landscapes. You may break your travel at Nyanza for a brief tour of cultural King’s palace and later on visit national museum at Butare. You will explore Rwanda’s rich history preserved in these two places. You will check into your hotel submerged between a beautiful tea estate and the Nyungwe rainforest and get overwhelmed by unique impressions.  Relax and enjoy each event of Rwanda tour the way it comes.

Day 3: Chimpanzee tracking, canopy walk

  • Chimpanzee trekking:Nyungwe forest is very vibrant with wildlife species. The focus of the day is the families of chimpanzees resident deep in the rainforest. The safari guide will escort you to assembly point to meet up with rangers and the rest of chimpanzee tracking members. The rangers will brief you about the rainforest, chimpanzee-tracking regulations and share their experiences. Shortly, you set out and descend into the unknown world. The team will explore and wander into the rainforests. You will traverse all corners following signs of recent presence of chimpanzees. You will spend stipulated time with the chimpanzees upon discovering their feeding areas and then retreat to the starting point.
  • Canopy walk:You will later crown the activities of the day by exploring the forest canopy on a bridge suspended 70m above ground. A live band performing cultural dance may entertain you through the rest of the evening.

 Day 4: Travel to Volcanoes for gorilla trek

  • Transfer  to volcanoes,This is another day of travel to another Rwanda tourism destination on your tour into Rwanda. Enjoy your morning sleep and rise with the sun. Some safari camps have health and exercise rooms at your disposal and this is the time to visit them. You will set out on day’s travel northwest of the country traveling on the edges and catching glimpse of Lake Kivu. You will break the journey at one of the lakeside towns to freshen up, stretch the body and have a lunch break. You will check into your hotel on the edges of Volcanoes National Park and the beauty of the rainforest assaults all your body senses. Relax and live your Rwanda safari dreams.

Day 5: Gorilla trekking, visit Gorilla guardians’ village

  • Gorilla trekking : Trekking gorillas in Rwanda is one of the most rare lifetime experiences. The rainforest is very alive with lots of other wildlife species that share habitat with gorillas. Rise up at first light and take a very early breakfast. The safari guide, ready with your lunch box, will escort you to gorilla trekking assembly point at Kinigi in time for gorilla trekking briefing and meeting with the rest of gorilla trekking team. Shortly, the rangers descend with you into the unknown world. Explore the rainforest, wander into the wilderness, get the authentic gorilla trekking experiences and discover the life in the jungles.  You will reunite with your safari guide and then begin a short travel into the neighborhood.
  • Community visit:You visit the indigenous Rwanda people who have lived with wildlife all their lifetime. The community shares the experiences through music, songs, dance, art, storytelling, drama, dressing, costume and many others. You will relax at hotel rest of the evening.  

Day 6: Departure Relax in your morning sleep. Your departure flight schedule controls the activities of the day; Kigali International Airport is 3-hour road travel away. You will begin travel shortly after breakfast and complete the circuit of Rwanda safari to Kigali City before noon. You will have another brief tour of Kigali City to explore more about Rwanda and purchase Rwanda tour souvenir items. The safari guide will escort you to Kigali International Airport at an appropriate time for your flight and mark end of your safari into Rwanda.

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