Sabyinyo Gorilla Group

Sabyinyo Gorilla Group

Rwanda, is among the three countries that inhabit the wild apes in the world including Uganda and democratic Republican of Congo.

Mountain Gorillas, are endangered species one of the largest ape in the family of primates. Mountain Gorillas share a human DNA of 98%.

These endangered species live in the jungles of volcanoes national park, the park is located in the northwestern part of Rwanda it only takes 2 hours away from Kigali international airport.

Volcanoes national park is located in the Virunga parts, which has 3 Virunga volcanoes such as Karisimbi, Mikeno and Bisoke.

Mountain Gorillas are found in the gentle foothills of sabyinyo and mountain Gahinga. Sabinyo family group was named after the sabyinyo volcano, the word sabinyo is derived from a local word meaning ‘old man’s teeth’.

The group was formed after the silverback who was the leader of the group in 1992 when some females such as Lijisho,Ryango and Gukunda were taken away from another family.

The new group was formed with only four females and 2 leaders the ‘Silverbacks ’before the group was called Amayubi a local word meaning ‘wasps’ later on the name was changed to Sabyinyo.

This sabinyo group is one of the closest family in the volcanoes national park it’s found at the parks edge.
The group is led by a silverback called Guhondo, the largest silverback recorded in history to have approximately 220kg.the family can be accessed and trekked in only two hours.

This group has few family members than any other has 13 members, including two Silverbacks, with one which is the biggest in all silverbacks in volcanoes national park the family is impressive.

This family is entertaining and one can have one hour in the wilderness as they play and carry out their day to day activity.

Although the group has fewer members it keeps changing depending on the rate of death, birth and migration, since new members and old ones keep living the group well others join.

Book a permit in advance to have an exciting moment with this gorilla group which has firm history during peak seasons. Only 8 people are allowed to trek to this family.

While you encounter with the family you will have a chance to look into the eyes of large silverbacks who will also look at you with his intelligence and mindful.

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