How Strong is a Silverback Gorilla

How Strong is a Silverback Gorilla

A silverback is an adult experienced leader with gray hair on the back. A silverback is the leader of a family, which consist of 30 members and more of females in number and few of infants. The silverback is responsible for the safety of members’, activities in their day to day life including their movements, protecting the family by fighting to death in case of a threat or attack.

A silverback decides for the family members at times grabs different females from other groups / families. ‘The question is how strong is a Silverbacks?’ Research has been conducted on how strong is a silverback actually the strength of a silverback has never been measured but sufficiently can be evidenced by observing the Silverback casually bending and snapping objects such as banana plantations, breaking tree branches, tempered steel bars, Giant bamboo stalks.

A silverback has muscles power between 8-16 of man. The silverback is observed to hang from one arm with over 400 lbs. Infect A silverback does not use its strength to attack other animals in a manner of other apes like chimpanzees and Baboons, their peaceful in nature, with very powerful Jaws, which they use to get trees and plants.

A silverback is larger than a human body with its height ranging in height from 5’6’ to 5’9, but the arm span is impressive depending on the size of a silverback its three feet larger than the variant human length. A silverback weighs from 298 to 397lbs this is size has attracted many tourists to Uganda to trek the mountain gorillas.

It can lift up 10 times the amount of its own body weight. It gains this weight because of the huge chunk of plants it feeds on daily which helps it to regain a lot of weight and strength and also to be able to head the entire family.

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