Uganda Gorilla Tracking Permits

Uganda gorilla trekking permits

Uganda gorilla trekking permits : When visiting Uganda one needs to trek Gorillas there is always a price tag attached. A gorilla trekking permit is a document that allows a trekker or tourist to trek mountain Gorillas. The gorilla trekking permit issued allows a trekker to spend time with the Mountain Gorillas for 1 hour and the trek takes approximately 30 minutes – 6 hours to encounter with the mountain Gorillas.

All Gorilla safaris are inclusive of a Gorilla trekking permits. It’s the only permit which is acceptable at the park headquarters to allow one to enter into Bwindi forest national park to trek the mountain Gorillas.

Everyone always wishes and dreams to have an encounter with the mountain Gorillas in Uganda. This activity of Gorilla trekking has become the main attraction to Uganda, although during the high season these Gorilla trekking permits can be hard to secure due to a lot of competition and a number of Tourists flocking into the country.

Therefore one is advised to pay 3 months pro to your time of travel. One must keep in mind that the permit their holding,  determines the sector you will trek. Every sector has a number of permits which are outnumbered in a day. The sectors include the Rushaga sector which offers 40 permits those are 40 people allowed to trek in a day, Buhoma 24 permits, Ruhija 24 permits and Nkuringo 8 permits that means they are scarce.

Booking in advance enables us to acquire to you the permit of a lifetime experience so that you don’t miss out this incredible activity.

Once the activity is done the permits are withheld at the park headquarters and they can not be reused again. It’s an important document one needs to keep safely and once its lost Uganda Wildlife Authority won’t be in charge to replace it.

However one needs not to worry about the gorilla trekking permits as they are in safe hands of our guides who take care of them and responsible for your safety.

Gorilla trekking permits can only be obtained for only two national parks i.e. Bwindi and Mgahinga national parks. They are the only national parks in Uganda inhabiting mountain Gorillas.

Although the Gorillas in Mgahinga are uncertain due to a reason they keep moving to Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda but this should not worry you the Uganda wildLife Authority will advise and chose a day for you to trek in Mgahinga National park.

Price of Gorilla Trekking Permits

Our Gorilla permits price should not be your worry. During the high season the price is always at $600.

The peak seasons include the months from June and September, December to February when it’s less rain. They enable the trekking in the thick, rainforest and make it easier not forgetting the month of December is the most busiest month and tourists tend to visit in big numbers. We always advise our dear clients to book in advance with us in order to secure your Gorilla permits.

While during the low seasons which run from October-Nov and from March to May the prices are always low at only $450. This season is mainly rainy the and the trekking seams to be hard with the steep slopes of the forest and very slippery.

The fee is always not refundable, this fee is paid at the Uganda Wildlife Authority the board in charge of all tourists’ activities in Uganda.

Note. Trekking Mountain Gorillas is only allowed to visitors who are above the age of 15 years do not hesitate to book with us a Gorilla safari for the unforgettable experience with the human like carrying 98% DNA.

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