Silverback Gorilla


Silverback Gorilla is the leader of mountain Gorilla families in African national parks that inhabit mountain Gorillas including Rwanda’s volcanoes national park, Democratic Republic  of Congo’ Virunga National park.

Bwindi Impenetrable National park is located in the south west part of Uganda together with Mgahinga National park. It takes approximately 530 km and 7-9 hours to drive to the park headquarters.

Silverback Gorilla, is an adult  mountain Gorillas with grey thick fur on the back, the shaggy coats of black that help to warm them up during the cold weather ,it heads the family of 15 to 20 members including females ,males and young ones, it keeps wondering, feeding and resting throughout the day. Mountain Gorillas keep moving from place to place, building new nests every day in the evening hours; they build them on tree branches with grass.

Mountain Gorillas grow up with black fur, a stocky broad chest, long muscular arms, wide hands and feet.

The arms of the Gorillas are longer than their legs. Gorillas live in groups known as a gorilla family and is always headed by a silverback as a leader. The Silverback is ever protecting them and scaring away enemies while standing on hind legs and beating its chest, throwing away plants, stamping its feet and striking its palm.

Silverback Gorillas while standing their six feet tall, their about a height of adult male, females are five feet tall.

Silverback Gorillas weigh about 350 pounds twice the weight of adult man, mountain Gorillas are herbivores, feeding only on plants, most of their time they spend eating bamboo and leafy plants.

Silverback Gorillas were known in the 1902, however until now their habitat is destroyed by people who use it for farming and trees for fuel. Mountain Gorillas sometimes are killed by poachers and at times when they are caught in the poachers snares that are meant for animals.

Silverback Gorillas are endangered species.

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