Saftey Of Uganda

Safety Of Uganda For Tourism

Safety Of Uganda; Uganda is a very safe and secure country in Africa. Tourists and visitors to Uganda always stay safe if they follow safety, security guidelines and tips on site.

The safest place in Uganda is Kampala the capital city of Uganda and its one of the safest in Africa and visitors always come and go out of Uganda without any danger.

There is a lot to learn and be happy about visiting Uganda being the safest with no security problems. Though, there are things to worry about including credit card fraud, petty theft, over charging, which can all be avoided by the use of common sense.

The Accommodation facilities including Guest houses, Lodges, Hotels, backpackers they have 24 hour security services to give one sure stay with no disturbance.

Restaurants, stores, banks, shops and bars also have personnel stationed security guides protecting both outside and inside.

There are security layers at all embassy premises as well as bulletproof windows where you stand to community to them.

Uganda government has it as a duty to ensure that there is safety of visitors to Uganda and the whole citizen.

The presence of security is everywhere like traffic police, bomb squad, LDU’s,Anti riot, army etc.  who make sure that tourism and visitors are very safe, with no harassment in order to protect the people and the Tourists.

Tourists on a safari from around the country should always realize that safety and security is  part of the stay in Uganda.

Uganda is very safe and secure for all visitors, although there is misinformation on the internet however when you visit Uganda you will realize the best security on a safari in Uganda.

Uganda has petty thieves just like other countries and Kampala city is the famous and its commonly known as the city that never sleeps which CNN has discovered.

However, you’re advised not to go out for a night alone as there are Ugandans you can always move with. Uganda is one of the safe countries to visit in the world than USA and some other Europe countries.

Most people do not know Uganda and Africa, they only believe in their myths and prejudiced opinions online. In Uganda you’re not allowed to purchase a weapon as it is in other European countries and in USA. There is no mass shooting like in other countries.

In Uganda it is so hard to find assaults on large countries.

In Uganda Children do not move with weapons in their school bags like other countries

In Uganda children are for everyone and every person takes children as their own, you do not need.

If one has large sums of Money in a large business do not expect to have a gun permit issued to you.

Since 2010 there has not been any terrorist attack and this was one which led to the toughest security measures in Africa.

There are security personnel’s in every outside part of the supermarket, hospitals, banks, hotels, and everyone is searched in every shopping mall.

Uganda is one of the countries that have the biggest number of refugees in the world.

In the primate safari and wildlife safaris there is security such as Army and Rangers and the Tourism Police.

When you’re on a safari this is the safest area in the country as the tour operators have full information about your security.

The best places on a safari are all national parks, which also involves Gorilla trekking safaris in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park. For any personal issues please contact us regarding the security purposes.

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