Rushegura Gorilla Group

Rushegura Gorilla Group

Rushegura Gorilla Group ; Bwindi impenetrable forest is one of the national parks in Uganda and biggest to inhabit the mountain Gorillas.
Bwindi is located in the southwestern part of Uganda, the park protects the 10 habituated families of mountain.
Its one of the countries that inhabit the mountain gorilla in Africa and the whole world.

The park protects over 400 mountain Gorillas part of the gorillas left in the world.

Mountain Gorilla s are endangered species sharing a human DNA of 98% after the chimpanzees and the baboons.

The sector of Buhoma is where we find the Rushegura gorilla group one of the 10 habituated Gorilla families.

The family has 19 members with one silverback although the number may change depending on members joining in and out of the group, new born arrival and death.

Rushegura is a place where the group separated from its former family Habinyanja which took place in 2002.
The separation was led by Mwirimu who loved staying at a close range with his family members.

He broke away with seven members including 5 females they were other gorillas which joined him and they became 12 members. He created a stable family which increased to 19 members in 2010.

At the age f 25 Mwirima shows his strength of ruling even wining fights over other wild Gorillas. The family used to cross to the neighboring country (Democratic Republican of Congo) but always came back, recently they settled peacefully in their environment of Bwindi impenetrable national park.

The family is very come which usually wonders in the lodges, souvenir shops and neighboring homes in the sector of Buhoma.

They do not shy away from people and visitors which gives a chance to visitors to have a close look as they carry out their daily activities.

After the briefing at the park headquarters the rangers and guides will have knowledge to locate where the family is since their animals they keep moving from place to place enjoy an experience as you stand 7 meters away from the human cousin in the jungle.

You’re advised to book your gorilla permit in time to order to experience a life time journey of these endangered species.

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