Rules of Gorilla Trekking

Rules Of Gorilla Trekking

Rules of gorilla trekking :For any travel, safari and adventure enthusiast who intends to undertake gorilla trekking, he or she has to be well aware of the rules  that entail gorilla trekking, irrespective  where they intend to track gorillas from.  to mention some of the tracking areas are bwindi forest national park uganda, Mgahinga gorilla national park Uganda , Volcanoes Rwanda national park and Virunga National park Congo.

Below are a set of guidelines that have to be followed while gorilla trekking.

  • One should be clean and always wash their hands before heading for Gorilla trekking.
  • Always keep your voices low during the trek and always observe or keep an eye on the park habitants such as bird life, primates, mammals, geckos, reptiles and many more in the forest.
  • You’re not supposed to live rubbish in the park and therefore keep rubbish in your bag & whatever you carry should be taken back with you.
  • Early morning you will be briefed about Gorilla trekking rules and regulations and will after be put in groups of 8 people and set off to the forest with a ranger.
  • When you approach the mountain Gorillas, the rangers and guides will inform you about them or you will hear the noise in the forest. However do not make noise out of excitement, remember their friendly primates but also wild animals and they can changer anytime.
  • Stand 7 meters away from the mountain Gorillas. When you come into contact with the gorillas observe them but do not look straight into their eyes. The further you stand the more relaxed they are.
  • Do not live the group as you are advised to stay together so that you don’t look harmful to the mountain Gorillas.
  • Keep your voices as low as possible and remember you’re in the jungle and not at home, though you might ask questions if you must but at a low voice tone.
  • Do not smoke, drink or eat in the forest. When anything drops this might increase the risk of transmitting diseases. When it’s time to eat your packed lunch the rangers will direct you where to have your picnic lunch in the forest.
  • When the Gorilla charges, try your best not to run away and when you run, this increases the risk of attacking.
  • Flash photographs are not permitted so please take very carefully.
  • You’re not allowed to play with the mountain Gorillas or touch them remember these are wild animals.
  • Your allowed to spend only one hour with their mountain Gorillas as you watch them play, feed, groom each other and many more to see. However take note incase the gorillas seam very nervous the guide will command to finish early the trek.
  • You should keep your voices low after the encounter not until your 200 meters away from the Gorillas.
  • Respect the mountain Gorillas
  • Respect the limit of number of visitors that are allowed per day in order to minimize the risk of diseases.
  • You’re not allowed to trek the mountain Gorillas in case you have a contagious disease, you can volunteer in community around the park or another visit to be arranged by the Wildlife Authority or refunded your money.
  • In case you want to cough or sneezing, do not do it near the Gorillas, turn your head away and cover your mouth and nose to minimize the spread of bacteria or virus.
  • Always stay 7 meters away from the Gorillas and protect yourself from catching human diseases.
  • Do not leave any rubbish in the park, foreign items, and harbor diseases.
  • If you need to ease yourself ask the ranger to dig a hole with a panga .Make sure its 30 cm deep and fill it with soil after.
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