Ruhija Sector of Bwindi

Ruhija Sector of Bwindi

Ruhija sector of  b bwindi is located in the eastern part of Bwindi impenetrable national park, a habitat to 400 mountain Gorillas left in the wild. This park is found in the southwestern part of Uganda and is one of the national parks in Africa to protect the mountain Gorillas.

Ruhija sector has 3 Gorilla families namely Bitukura, Oruzongo and Kyaguriro family. Ruhija had 2 habituation Families and there are only 16 permits available each day for Mountain gorilla tracking in this region. However, the Kyagurira family was introduced to trekking putting a total of 24 permits in Ruhija.

The Kyaguriro family is reserved for research in this sector. Also note that 6 people are allowed instead of 8 people like other Gorilla families, therefore Kyaguriro family is trekked if one ask for a formal permission from the Uganda wildlife Authority.

The fact is Ruhija has few families compared to Buhoma sector which is always congested with Tourists, although Ruhija offers a more ecotourism experience. Unlike other sectors Ruhija is a good phenomenon due to lots location.

The sector is positioned between Buhoma sector to the north of the park and Kibale town to the south making the sector to be easily accessed from both parts of south and north. The sector connects to reach Queen Elizabeth National park which covers 218km. This allows Tourists who want trek Gorillas have an ample time to do a game drive in the Ishasha sector for the tree climbing lions.

Ruhija has a number of activities apart from Gorilla trekking including bird watching which is popular for bird watching. The park includes a primate walk where one is given a chance to enjoy a primate walk to spot out the white and black colobus monkeys that play all over the tree branches in this sector.
The sector is also located a few meters away from the Crater Lake of Bunyonyi-a beautiful area to relax in the fascinating lake of hills and islands, a perfect environment with canoe rides and local Batwa cultures.
The sector has a number of accommodations including Gorilla mist camp suitable for travelers and many more.

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