Nyundo Community

Nyundo Community Eco Trails

Nyundo Community Eco Trail: Nyundo resident was first hand as a witness to climate change. The residents of this area cultivated on the steep hillside of Bwindi impenetrable forest, although they had noticed change of rain pattern, soil erosion and forest mist. They plants began to fail.

That’s when the nyundo community developed a project to conserve the land in response to this. The nyundo community decided to protect the land and also to allow the forest to grow and since then the trees have grown back and the mist has also returned to Nyundo.

Visit the community and discover how the residents face their day to day life. Learn different skills including millet-bread preparation, ghee craft making and the local way of making Yoghurt. Visit the local doctor how he treats people in a local way as well as the traditional birth attendant.

Have a chance to interact with the local villages. Addition to your activities, have an opportunity to hike along the Congo border and enjoy a beautiful scenery of waterfalls, the kings bathe place where only the kings bath.
On your way pass the blacksmith, cattle farms, beekeepers, and banana plantations. The project emphasizes on developing by sustaining to agriculture, by reducing poaching, providing income in order to conserve the forest.

The tourist sector provides income to those who have abandoned their land in order the forest to grow back. The project has different programs that help to maintain and provide adult literacy class.

Supporting this project with increase the income to support and stand with the members. The community had a number of people including the traditional skills, healers, performance, farmers, children and many more.

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