Mishaya Gorilla Group

Mishaya Gorilla Group

Mishaya Gorilla Group is one of the 10 habituated gorillas inhabiting in Bwindi impenetrable national park. The group is found in Rushaga sector of Bwindi.

Its part of the national parks in Africa Inhabiting the mountain Gorillas in the whole world. Mountain Gorillas are endangered species one of the largest ape in the group of primates.

Mountain Gorillas share 98% DNA with human beings after the baboons and chimpanzees actually their called the human Cousins.

Mishaya gorilla group is found in the Rushaga sector of Bwindi impenetrable national park. The group is one of the 5 habituated groups putting the Rushaga sector on the map since the region always gives an increasing number of gorilla families.

The family has seven members but the number keeps changing according to the number of gorillas joining the family, living, new births and death occurrence. It’s the same change which occurs as that of human families.

The Mishaya Gorilla Group’s original family was the Nshongi gorilla family, where the leader Mishaya broke away with some members and decided to form his own family.

Before the Mishaya Gorilla Group had 7 members but recently new members have been noticed joining the family. The leader of the Mishaya Gorilla Group is called Mishaya the silverback who is a fighter and was seen in a battle with another wild gorillas group/unhabituated gorilla group where by some other members were treated for the injuries they got during the fight.

His known as a fighter who starts interactions with other Gorilla families, his fights enable him to gather females from other groups living near his family.

The family has been trained to be close to humans and there is no need to worry about any attack from the mountain Gorillas. The guides and rangers are always around to protect you in case of any discomfort with the family.

You’re advised to arrive at the park headquarters by 7am for a short briefing about gorilla trekking and also to locate the family earlier. Book your gorilla permit in advance for a gorilla trekking experience.

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