lifespan of gorillas

Lifespan of Gorillas: How long do Gorillas live

How long do gorillas live? The lifespan of gorillas vary. Gorillas are two types of species the lowland Gorillas and the mountain Gorillas. Lowland Gorillas live in captivity usually ‘zoo’ they can only survive in captivity. While the mountain Gorillas are giant wild apes, shy and intelligent endangered species.

Mountain Gorilla Baby

Gorillas share 98% DNA with human beings, that’s why their called the human cousins next closest to humans after the chimpanzees and Baboons. Mountain Gorillas are giant wild and intelligent animals, they are endangered species sharing 98% DNA with human beings that’s why their called the human cousins.

The lowland Gorillas are found in the forest of Gabon, Cameroon, Nigeria, Angola, Equatorial of Guine and some parts of Congo. While the wild mountain Gorillas live in the tropical rain forest of mountain areas in Africa.
African countries with mountain Gorillas include Uganda, Rwanda and Congo.

In Uganda we have the mountain Gorillas these inhabit/protected in Bwindi impenetrable national park in south west part of Uganda and Mgahinga National park. The national parks of Uganda protect 12 habituated Gorilla families with 11 families in Bwindi national park and 1 family in Mgahinga national park.

The difference between the two species are the habitats, color and how long their hair is. Gorillas look after the aged members in a similar way as human beings. All Gorillas have a distinct signs of age according to the world life Fund.  Lifespan of Gorillas is up to the age of 35-40 years,  mountain Gorillas often suffer from arthritis which damages the bones, feet and hands.

Although Gorillas in the zoo can live 50 years and more compared to the mountain Gorillas. They also suffer from loss of teeth, which means they have a problem of feeding. They take long to feed than other members of the family this adds on the reduction of the lifespan of Gorillas hence leading to their early death.

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