Kwitonda Gorilla Group

Kwitonda Gorilla Group

Kwitonda Gorilla Group Family is one of the Mountain Gorilla groups living in Volcanoes National Park. This group flee Virunga National Park in Democratic Republic of Congo, shifted to Volcanoes National Park and has never shown any signs of returning to its maiden home.

The word Kwitonda is derived from a Kinyarwanda word meaning ‘Humble One’. Kwitonda describes the characters of the Silverback and the whole family. This Silverback was very humble in nature and rare gets involved in fights unless it is the last decision it has to make. It is also claimed that seeking peace was among the reasons as to why they flee Virunga National Park – Democratic Republic of Congo to come settle in Volcanoes National Park Rwanda.

Unfortunately, Kwitonda died in September 2012. He had been missing from the group for quite some time until he was found lying lifeless. The group is now led by a silverback called Akarevuro.

This group started with a total number of 18 members including a Silverback called Kwitonda whose name was assigned to the group. However, the Kwitonda Gorilla Group family later on managed to increase its tally to a total number of 25 members including 4 Silverbacks.

The Kwitonda Gorilla Group family is known in history for migrating. Currently, it wanders in the lower slopes of Mount Karisimbi and Mount Muhabura. The slopes make this Kwitonda Gorilla Group one of the hardest to trek also considering the fact that it keeps moving far in the thick forest areas that can not be accessed easily by the trekkers.

Are you a humble gorilla trekker that would like to bond with fellow humble long time cousins of human beings? If you are willing to take on the challenging trek then you might indeed meet this gorilla family and bond with them for at least an hour.

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