Hirwa Gorilla Group

Hirwa Gorilla Group

Hirwa Gorilla Group; One of the Mountain Gorilla families that roam around the Virunga Conservation Area is the Hirwa gorilla family, a troop that has very unique habits which are quite distinct from other groups. This group slots among the most liked by trekkers and the most trekked as well hence, an assurance that you will definitely like it too at all costs.

Hirwa is a Kinyarwanda word that means ‘lucky one’. This particular group was named such because of its luck that has manifested so many times. One of the milestones that portrayed their luck was the birth of twins in the year 2011. Hirwa gorilla group is among the few lucky groups that have been blessed with twins.

This group was formed in 2006 with some members of Sabyinyo gorilla family and other 13 from the Agashya but more members reportedly joined later on to push the tally to 16 including 1 dominant Silverback. The silverback is always on the hunt for new members as he prefers growing the size of his family and because of luck, more members have been pushed to join the group as well.

The silverback is also very strong, dominant and determined to protect all his members in the gorilla family.

Hirwa Gorilla family apparently inhabits the foothills of two of the Virunga Volcanoes – Mount Gahinga and Mount Sabyinyo.

The trekking skill level is quite difficult depending on the ability of the trekkers. Also considering the location of this particular Gorilla family, trekking the steeps of Mount Gahinga and Mount Sabyinyo is quite challenging but rewarding at the end of it all.

One ought to be ready and prepared for a great physical challenge as they trek to this habituated Mountain gorilla family to see them carry out their day to day activities like playing, grooming each other, moving, feeding and displaying their gestures.

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