Gorilla Habituation Experience

Gorilla Habituation Experience

Gorilla Habituation Experience; Habituated Gorillas are gorillas that have undergone gorilla habituation. Gorilla habituation is a process where Wild Mountain Gorillas are trained to live close to human beings and still continue with their day to day activity.

Mountain Gorillas are located in Africa and are found in Bwindi Impenetrable National park, Mgahinga national park in Uganda, Volcanoes national park in Rwanda, Virunga National park in Democratic Republic of Congo.

In Uganda, Gorilla habituation experience  is confined the southern west part of Bwindi impenetrable National park in the gorilla trekking sector of Rushaga national park.

There are two families of Gorillas that are being habituated in the Rushaga Sector of Bwindi. These include Bikyingi and Bushaho Gorilla families. The Bikyingi gorilla family has one silverback, nine adult females, nine infants and two sub-adults.

There are only four people that are allowed to go for a gorilla habituation experience and it is the best experience ever to view Gorillas at a very close range and to enjoy the wonderful endangered creatures.

A permit for the gorilla habituation costs 1,500 USD per person while Gorilla trekking is at a costs of 600 USD.

The gorilla habituation experience takes approximately 4 hours as you’re in the jungle while the gorilla trekking takes a maximum of one hour in the jungle with the Gorillas.

Gorilla habituation experience is more active during the months of December, March, June and October.

To engage in the gorilla habituation experience, you book with in a period of 4 months before your travel and the tour operator will book the permit on your behalf.

During the gorilla habituation experience one must carry a light rain jacket, packed lunch, camera and more batteries, long sleeved clothes and Gloves.

There are many mountain Gorillas approximately 400 mountain Gorillas in the world. Bwindi impenetrable national park is a world heritage Site. Uganda has 12 Gorilla families and these include; Rushegura, Bitukura, Mubare, Habinyanja, Oruzogo, Nshongi, Nkuringo, Mishaya, Bweza, Kahungye, Nyakagezi, Busingye and Kyaguriro.

Mubare Gorilla family has over 8 members and 1 silverback. Mubare gorilla family is one of the oldest habituated gorilla families in Uganda the park was found in 1993. Mubare family stays from Mubare hill, which is located in Bwindi Impenetrable national park, its led by a silverback Ruhondeza.

Habinyanja Gorilla family is located in Buhoma, with family group of 17 individuals with 2 silverbacks. The family was habituated in 1997 the first visitors came in 1999.

Rushegura Gorilla family has a number of 19 individuals with 1 silverback the family is in Buhoma sector.

Bitukura Gorilla family is located in Ruhija sector with 14 individuals and 4 silverback. Bitukura gorilla family is located in Ruhija part of Bwindi Forest National park. The Bitukura habituated family is named after the river called Bitukura.

Oruzogo family has 25 family members and 2 silverbacks, it’s the second habituated family in the area of Ruhijah.

Nkuringo gorilla family which is located in Nkuringo, with 19 gorilla families and 2 silverbacks; the habituation was completed in 2004.

Nshongi gorilla family, is located in Rushaga sector, with 26 family members including 4 silverbacks.

Mishaya Gorilla family is located in Rushaga sector with 12 gorilla members and 1 silverback.

Kahungye Gorilla family located in Rushaga sector, with a total of 13 members and 3 silverbacks.

Bweza Habituated gorilla family is located in Rushaga with a number of 9 members and 1 silverback.

Busingye gorilla family is located in rushaga

Nyakagezi Gorillas family which is located in Mgahinga national park with only 10 individuals and 3 silverbacks.

Kyaguriro gorilla family is located in Ruhija the family has 15 members including 2 silverbacks

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