Gorillas types

Different types of gorillas

Different types of gorillas . Gorillas are large wild apes living in the group of apes, they are native to the forests of Africa. These apes are relatives to humans by 98% DNA.
These are in two types, the eastern Gorillas and the western Gorillas which is the most numerous and wide spread in a range of about 4,600 square miles of the tropical rain forests in the eastern part of Democratic Republican of Congo.
They live in two populations, one in the Virunga mountain of Central Africa and others in Bwindi which is found in Uganda.
The eastern Gorillas have two subspecies, the mountain Gorillas and the eastern lowland Gorillas. The western Gorillas have two species: the cross River Gorilla which is close relative with the western lowland Gorillas living over the Congo River basin.
It’s the most smallest of all the Gorillas with a difference of shaped head and teeth. The western Gorilla is the most genus Gorilla species. This type of ape can be grayish or brownish with a yellowish forehead.
They are distinguished from the eastern Gorillas by their lighter color and a tip on their nose. The females and males have an average height of 155cm and 135cm, they live in a group of 2 to 20 families including males, females and the young ones.
They feed on fiber diets that include stems, leaves, flowers, fruits etc. The current threat comes from Ebola virus in their population area. Other threats include poaching, habitat loss, and civil war in countries inhabiting the apes.
The western lowland Gorillas inhabit in the lowland swamps in the montane forests of central Africa. This type of gorilla covers the countries of Central Africa, Angola, Republican of Congo, Gabon, Cameroon Equatorial of Guinea and the Democratic Republican of Congo. Although it’s the smallest Gorilla species,
The western lowland Gorilla is the biggest and strongest animal on land. It has a jet black skin with hair covering the entire body and has no tail. The group travels with in a range of 3 to 18 square miles and led by one dominate silverback.

The cross river gorilla is the most in northern and western of Africa. It’s found in hills and mountains at the border of Nigeria and Cameroon near the cross river headwaters.
Their only 250 members of this species in the world great ape.it has the smallest palate,cranial vault and skull with smaller hands and feet.
The eastern Gorilla is the largest species inhabiting the mountain rain forests of Uganda, Rwanda, and Democratic Republican of Congo. And the Albertine Rift forests of eastern DRC.it has a massive size, with a big head, broad chest and long forelimbs.
These primates possess black face, feet, breasts and hands. The females of this specie weigh around 90kg and the males weigh 140kg.
They depend on based diet. The family is led by a silverback who acts as the leader.
The eastern lowland Gorillas are found in the eastern parts of Africa inhabiting the mountainous areas of democratic Republican of Congo in Maiko national park, Usala forest,Itombwe massif and Kahuzi Biega national parks.
It’s big with a jet black coat like that for mountain Gorilla. Unlike they have shorter hair on the body and head.
The mountain Gorillas are found in central Africa in the Virungas and the others in Bwindi impenetrable national park in Uganda. They are smaller and less heavy weighing between 140kg and 205kgs and only 880 mountain Gorillas left in the world.
All these species are listed as critically endangered species

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