community walk

Community Walk

Community walk / Batwa experience is one of the activities one should participate in when in Rushaga Gorilla Sector in Bwindi Impenetrable forest national park.

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National park was gazette as a National park which was gazette, the forest is a former home to the Batwa Pygmies they are the original dwellers and keepers of the tropical rain forest. The park was gazzetted in the 1993, there after the pygmies relocated from the forest to the nearby towns and villages.

Batwa Pygmies  always depended on the forest resources for a living. The Batwa pygmies always depend on forest resources for survival on the plantations. They fed on honey and hurting in the forest, using spear and arrows for meat gathering, eating fruits. They used shrubs as Medicine, trees for building nests.

Batwa pygmies always lived in peace well in the forest with the endangered primates, mammals and many more.

The Batwa people were chased from the forest when the park became a world heritage and after they were chased their life style changed because they were not used with the life outside the forest.

Batwa walk experience

To enjoy a Batwa trail walk you do not need to pay for the park entrance fee. The batwa community walk is done outside the park premises.

Batwa community walk starts at the craft shops which are located outside the park headquarters of Bwindi impenetrable National park and the guide will take you to the communities of the Batwa people.

The community walk costs 80USD per person, 70USD per a person in a group of two to four people, 60USD in group of five and more and to film the activity you will be charged 400USD per a day.

The Batwa walk takes, 5 hours for the real experience, however there is no specific time to trail. The time for the trail starts at 2pm however there is also a morning walk. The guides always moves in pace and those with health issues are not advised for the walk.

Carry packed lunch from the lodge, water, camera, hiking boots or comfortable shoes, long sleeved cloths, rain jackets remember in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest it keeps raining.

The minimum number for a group in a walk is 12 people up to 24 people, where by 12 people take the morning walk and 12 the evening walk.

You will learn a lot from the and also have a chance to learn about their culture and how they lived in the forest, their dancing skills, cook with them and test the local food.

There a lot of things to learn from the walk and you will have the best experience you have encountered in a lifetime safari.

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