Cheap gorilla permits

Cheap gorilla permits in Uganda

Cheap Gorilla permits in Uganda: The best way of getting cheap Gorilla permits in Uganda and Rwanda, this article will give you full insight of how to get a cheap gorilla permit and accommodation close to you.

The Uganda Wildlife Authority is in Charge of all Gorilla permits in Uganda, selling a total of 96 Gorilla permits per a day for Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park which is located in the south west part of Uganda with four Sectors inhabiting the mountain Gorillas. Uganda has two National parks that inhabit the Mountain Gorillas Bwindi and Mgahinga national park which sells only 8 permits for one Gorilla group.

There is a high rate and demand of Gorilla permits in the peak seasons in the months of December, February, June and September, the Gorilla trekkers are mostly left out.

In 2011 the Uganda Wildlife center introduced the new format of acquiring the discounted gorilla permit for the low seasons running through April, May and November and this was an opportunity in order for the Tourists not to miss out on Gorilla trekking. More tourists started picking interest in the discounted Gorilla permit there other activities one can add on their Gorilla trekking including Golden monkey trekking, mountain Hiking, Batwa trail, birding and many more.

However, after some time Uganda wildlife Authority removed the discounted Gorilla permits. This happened when Rwanda increased its Gorilla permit to $ 1500 while for Uganda still charges the normal fee of $600.

During the low season, there very few tourists  since the months  of April and May experience heavy rains  and winter which takes place in European countries  discouraging a few people to Travel.

The only advantage of trekking during low season is because their fewer trekkers having the entire jungle is quite exciting to many people and the lodges are commonly at a low price.

A permit in Uganda is at a charge of $600 for foreigner and those with a working permit at 500 USD and East African residents at 250,000 Uganda shillings.

However Rwanda charges at a fee of $1500 for Gorilla permit throughout the year both in High and low seasons. This has made tourists to chose trekking Gorillas in Uganda, more so Uganda has a number of attractions compared to Rwanda such as Wildlife like the tree climbing lions, primates, Lake Victoria, the big five, water tours including rafting, kayaking and many more.

The accommodations in Bwindi and Mgahinga the parks that inhabit the mountain Gorillas offer discounts during the low season, so as the budget trekkers can as well have a chance to trek the mountain Gorillas at a discounted costs.

Book for a gorilla permit pro to three months of your travel. A trusted tour operator will send you the bank details of the company where you will make payments for the Gorilla safari you can as well pay for the commission on other services catered including accommodation, transport and many more.

Before the permit is issued a passport is a must requirement to confirm your nationality and your participation.

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