Booking Gorilla trekking

Booking Gorilla Trekking

Booking Gorilla trekking; Mountain Gorillas are habitats national parks in Africa in three countries. The parks include Mgahinga national park and Bwindi impenetrable national park, Virunga national park in Democratic Republican of Congo.

Booking Gorilla trekking requires one to get a gorilla permit which is a card issued to Gorilla trekkers in the jungle to authorize their access to trek. The trek takes 30 minutes and 7 hours to meet the endangered species this depends on where they last fed and how faster the trekkers are. You are given one hour to see the mountain Gorillas as they play, feed, groom each other and many more.

Booking Gorilla trekking requires a permit which is issued by the authority in charge of conserving the wildlife. These are the uganda wildlife Authority in Uganda, Rwanda Development Board in Rwanda.

Booking Gorilla trekking also requires one to Search for a trusted tour operator who is is under the umbrella of Association of Uganda Tour operator who will be ready to process your Gorilla permit and reservations for everything needed on your trip.

Booking Gorilla trekking is essential and the trekking takes place in national parks that inhabit the mountain Gorillas. Only 8 people are allowed to trek the mountain Gorillas, in order to avoid the risk of mountain Gorillas to catch contagious diseases.

 Bwindi has four sectors that inhabit the mountain Gorillas. The 12 Gorilla families that are already habituated include Mubare, Rushegura, Habinyanya, Bitukura, Oruzogo, Kya Guriro, Kahungye, Nshongi, Mishaya, Businye, Nkuringo and Bweza , Nyakagezi in Mgahinga national park. Rwanda has 10 Gorilla families and each family a day is visited by 8 people.

The tour operator contacted will help process for you and pre-purchase the permits at no extra cost. They also check the availability of the gorilla permits at the Uganda Wildlife Authority and in rwanda development board.

Transfer money on a company bank account after sending the details of your passport, names and nationality. These are the most required needs by the Authorities in charge of Gorilla conservation.

For Booking Gorilla trekking, one has to know the fact that there are different seasons of Gorilla trekking. They run from June, July, August, September ,November and December and January and February for high seasons.

Uganda Wildlife Authority gives you an advance to book to two years, even though you need deposit 30% and the balance is paid 91 days before Gorilla trekking.

The 70% is not permitted but it may be considered 7 days, considering a   surcharge of 20% there is no refund on the permits.

Gorilla permit limits

The Uganda wildlife Authority refunds 50% of the permits, in case of any illness the warden will let the Authority learn about your situation.

For the trekker in Mgahinga national park who will fail to see the mountain Gorillas because of their movement to other countries, they will get a full refund on their permits. 75% will be refunded to those who failed to see the mountain Gorillas for some reasons.

  • 0-8 days before cancellation no refund
  • 9-45 days before cancellation you are charged 75%
  • 46-90 days 50% cancellation
  • 91 days and above charged 75%

Payments of Booking Gorilla trekking must be made at the Uganda Wildlife Authority in Mengo.

Permits are not rescheduled especially for the 91 days of trekking. If there 8 days, 20% fee of reschedule will apply. Other charges of the date are considered as cancellation and rebooking therefore cancellation policies will apply.

Pay in the acceptable payment methods of US dollars, Uganda shillings, GB pounds and Euros.

The trekking time starts at 8:30 am to 5:00pm.

Mountain Gorilla permits cost 600 USD in Bwindi, in Volcanoes national park costs 15,000 USD. In case you have just found out Rwanda permits increased. They increased from 750 USD to 15000 USD. The Uganda wildlife Authority does not offer discounted a gorilla permit.

Foreign non residents 600 USD, Foreign residents 500 usd and Uganda East/Africa 250000 UGX

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