Biking Safaris

Biking Safaris

Biking Safaris is an interesting experience where travelers instead of using tour cars or walking treks, they move on bicycles. Bwindi impenetrable forest national park offers biking safaris for its guests.

Bwindi biking safaris through the park gives the traveler an amazing view of the park as you enjoy a village bike ride. You also get a chance to spot a number of bird species, wildlife ,butterflies ,primates  all on the ride.

Sometimes the bikes are provided by the Organization in the names of Ride 4 a woman Organization.

Explore the forest as you enjoy the mountain bike, you can ride in a day with a well-informed guide, its very fun with a guide and you won’t miss out a thing on the trek.

The guide is well informed and trained in wildlife species, plant species, birds, trees of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest half a day or full day on a bike this is one of the reasons most people stay behind for another day for a mountain bike.

Contact a trusted tour operator to offer a mountain biking safaris you can bike in Ruhija, Rushaga, Nkuringo and Buhoma sectors of the park.

Mountain biking safari done in Buhoma sector is supported by Ride 4 a Woman and it’s a woman self-made organization who keep the bikes in safe and good conditions.

The mountain biking safaris helps in support of the local community, guiding services, have a chance to visit the community around the park and interact with them, visit the ancient rainforest in a bike safari.

One can use a bike safari other than a safari vehicle although most people do not take mountain biking safari very important. So far the bikers  who have visited  Buhoma area  have spotted  a number of birds, nature ,villages ,forest  as they bike through the forest.

The biking safaris takes three hours through the forest on a bike, enjoying the ancient of day’s forest and birding activity.

Ride to River kivu then return back with plenty of seeing the primate safari including Monkeys, Squirrels, chimpanzees, mountain Gorillas and many more.

The guide is able to spot for you all things you will need to know the park has an altitude factor and Bwindi forest is on a higher spot in Uganda. Carry a lot of water, eats and bites as you enjoy a mountain bike safari.

Village bike ride, enjoy a two hour option of visiting the villages learn about their today life, share with them, remember this is home away from home, learn about the Batwa people who were the first to inhabit the forest areas of Bwindi impenetrable National Park.

The craft center, distillery, banana brewery, butterflies on the rock, traditional healers note these are not witches however they treat people according to the knowledge they have on a specific herbal from the plantations.

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest is more fantastic than you thought you would enjoy on a bike safari; this is one of the oldest and ancient forest. Bike safari one can enjoy amazing sceneries in the pearl of Africa wildlife.

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