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Best Gorrilla Trekking Period

Best Gorilla Trekking Period in Bwindi
The best gorilla trekking period in Uganda is mid-June through October, December running through March. This period is the busiest and best time of the year . These are dry months of the year and are the high season or peak seasons for Gorilla Trekking. Though mountain Gorillas can be trekked all year long in Uganda, with no seasonal closures.

Gorilla trekking can also take place during the rainy season. Since the park inhabiting the mountain Gorillas is a rainy forest, it rains throughout the year any time any season, and it rains during night and early hours of the day.
Some trekkers prefer low season/rainy seasons when they’re very few people and the accommodation prices are very low on up market lodges.

The best gorilla trekking period in Uganda takes place during rainy season this runs from April to May and November to mid-December. They’re very few Tourists, a big number of permits are available and the lodges running from up market and luxury lodges the prices are discounted however the dates for accommodation vary lodge by lodge.

During the dry season you won’t be surprised to see the rains at night and during the whole day remember this is a rain forest. A client is supposed to bring more rain jackets and waterproof boots.
When your trekking the mountain Gorillas before you travel to the country you will need to be physically fit since the forest is slippery and muddy however sometimes it’s easier to track especially in Volcanoes National Park In Rwanda and mgahinga national park in Uganda which moves the Gorilla’s to lower elevations since there is plenty of food during the rainy season .Trekking the mountain Gorillas takes 30 minutes to 7 hours in the forest.
Rainy season, it does not rain all day long, it rains the times of night and early mornings, there right equipment for Gorilla trekking which take place during rainy season.

Use boots for waterproof, the rangers and porters as well will be wearing rubber boots; the clients prefer waterproof hiking boots, lunch pack, long sleeved shirts, and rain jackets. All mentioned are needful rain jackets for rain and long sleeved for nettles and thorns from plantations remember it’s a rainy forestry and dark forest of plantation.
When you give a porter to help you with your luggage, you help a Ugandan and Rwandan. During the rainy season the slippery trails are tough be sure to walk with a stick which is always provided by the park headquarters or lodges.
The best of the time for Gorilla trekking is the same in all countries inhabiting mountain Gorillas including Congo, Uganda and Rwanda throughout the year’s evenings during dry rain seasons.

There number of things to watch and spot well trekking the mountain Gorillas these include bird species, waterfalls, trees, primates such as monkeys and many more ,mammals such as impalas, kobs, warthogs, elephants and many more, geckos, reptiles and many more.

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