Are gorillas endangered

Are Gorillas endangered or Threatened ?

Are Gorillas endangered or threatened? ;

There are many questions as to why many people ask if the mountain Gorillas are endangered or threatened. It is so true that the mountain Gorillas are endangered and threatened.

A number of tourists  engage themselves in gorilla trekking the mountain Gorillas in Africa that inhabit Bwindi Impenetrable national park and Mgahinga National park in Uganda, Volcanoes national park in Rwanda and Virunga National park in Democratic Republican of Congo. However  the mountain Gorillas in Bwindi impenetrable National park are considered to be a subspecies  from other mountain Gorillas in other national parks after a research by the primatologist who named the subspecies of Eastern Gorillas.

Some trekkers always prefer to trek both mountain gorilla species in all countries they enjoy appreciating nature.

There are two Gorilla species in the world and the others are kept in zoos. Western and Eastern mountain Gorillas exist and the Eastern gorillas are regarded as the mountain Gorillas in Africa. The subspecies of Eastern Gorillas that are known as the Eastern lowland Gorillas are found in Congo.

Mountain Gorillas are the endangered gorillas in the world that are threatened. The western Gorillas are divided into the Western lowland Gorillas and cross river Gorillas.

Are gorillas endangered or threatened? YES, mountain Gorillas are threatened and poached many times but many people fight to protect the primates in order to keep them for future generations to appreciate the primates. Other people strive hard to fight the mountain Gorillas in their natural habitat by killing them and eating them as food. This is a cruel act of eating endangered species that shares 95% DNA with human beings. However some people practice it as a culture especially in Cameroon, a chief coming into power eats the brain of a hunted gorilla well as the former chief eats its heart.

Mountain Gorillas are closely related to humans hence they contract the same diseases as humans. That is why if one has a contagious disease, they are not allowed to go trekking the mountain Gorillas. Also humans are not allowed to throw rubbish in the jungle, stand 7meteres away from the mountain Gorillas well in the jungle.

Population Increase of humans near the park premises has led to the loss of Mountain Gorillas habitats. Sometimes Gorillas end up in peoples gardens in search for food which leads to people picking up arms to fight the mountain Gorillas who end up killing them. This mostly happens in Bwindi Impenetrable National park where a big land is cleared for agriculture activities and settlements.

Are gorillas endangered or threatened ? YES, when they are taken into the zoos, they cannot survive for long as they face diet changes that might lead to death.

Mountain Gorillas need to be protected for future generation in the world, and the wild is the best place for them to live, even though some experts believe they can live longer in zoos, which is it not true, mountain Gorillas behave more lively in  the forest than in captivity.

Are mountains Gorillas endangered or threatened as recorded ?

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