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8 Days Best Of Rwanda Safari

RwandaSafari highlights

Rwanda Safari is the best safari into Rwanda that traverses all corners of the country and brings out the best tour of Rwanda offers. On the safari, we tour open plains of Akagera National Park and we are able to explore the woodlands and grasslands. Wildlife in this flat terrain is an absolute gem and only on this corner of entire Rwanda. We travel south and traverse the highlands before settling in a rainforest environment. The habitat is enclosed, wildlife species are elusive and we traverse the rainforest searching for them. We will walk into the forest canopy and explore wildlife hidden above ground. We will explore the Volcanoes forest trekking the Mountain gorillas in their natural habitat. The gorilla trekking expedition is a mixture of thrill and excitement. We visit the gorilla guardians’ village for brief moments shake off our different nationalities and just live Rwandan lifestyle.

Safari activities 

Day 1: Travel to Akagera National Park

  • Transfer to Kagera national park: You will travel to Akagera National park the very day you arrive at Kigali International Airport. Your safari guide will take you to a restaurant in Kigali for lunch, sharing with you the insights of your Rwanda tour and shortly begin 3-hour road travel to Akagera; an unforgettable Rwanda safari destination parked to the full with exciting things to see.

Day 2: Game drive, explore Lake Ihema

Morning game drive: Rise up at first light of the day and set out for Rwanda game viewing safari into the wilderness. Akagera is a post card of ideal game viewing safari destination. Travelers on safari into Rwanda are blown away by beautiful plain landscape, a variety of lush vegetation, variety of mammal species in large numbers and a host of beautiful bird species. The game viewing travel explores the grasslands, traverses the plains and wanders into the woodlands in search of the most exciting attractions.

  • Boat cruise on lake  Ihema:You will explore Lake Ihema on the afternoon boat cruise and discover the beauty of safaris into Rwanda. A sunset game viewing drive is an exciting way to sum up the wonderful events of Rwanda safari day.

Day 3: Travel to Nyungwe Forest National Park

  • Transfer to Nyungwe You may opt to set out after an early morning breakfast or park it and have picnic breakfast whatever fits in your moods. You will spot more attractions to top up the previous day wildlife sightings. You will begin travel southwest, break the journey at Nyanza and have a brief tour of traditional King’s palace.  You will have a lunch break at Butare and have a brief tour of the National Museum. The visit to these two places opens up the travelers’ mind to the traditional lifestyles of the Rwandan people. You will drown into the greenery of the rainforest before checking into your hotel close to chimpanzee tracking assembly point.
Nyungwe Forest National Park

Day 4: Chimp tracking, canopy walk

  • Chimpanzee trekking :Today you will descend into the jungle and explore wildlife deep into the rainforest. You set out on chimpanzee tracking expedition very early morning with ranger escorts. You wander into the wilderness following chimpanzee calls and other fresh signs of chimpanzee presence. You may spot some of other dozen primate wildlife species inhabiting the forests.
  • Canopy walk: A walk on a bridge suspended 70m above ground into the forest canopy will sum up the day activities of Rwanda tour. Relax at the hotel, breath in the air that is pure and fresh. Often a cultural band performing traditional music entertains guests at the hotel.

Day 5: Travel to Volcanoes national park

  • Transfer to volcanoes park:You set out after breakfast on long road travel north along the shores of Lake Kivu. The travel in the countryside brings travelers on tour of Rwanda to interaction with the indigenous people in their everyday lifestyle. You will break the travel in a lakeside town of Kibuye to stretch your bodies, explore the beauty of Lake Kivu and have ample time for lunch. You will resume travel often catching sight of peeping volcanic mountains and check into your hotel surrounded in all corners by mist-covered rainforest. The scenery and sighting is both exciting and humbling.

Day 6: Gorilla trekking

  • Gorilla trekking :It is a tiresome activity to remain calm and contain the excitement of gorilla trekking expedition on tour into Rwanda. Your safari guide will escort you early morning to gorilla trekking assembly point at Kinigi in time for briefing about gorilla trekking regulations, interact with gorilla trekking team and orientate trekkers about gorilla trekking experiences. You descend into the rainforest. Explore the jungle, inquire about strange wildlife sightings and discover unique lifestyles about wildlife species. The team will traverse all corners and discover the areas the gorillas are hiding. You will reunite with your safari guide and travel into the neighborhood to visit and interact with indigenous people. Listen to their stories, dance to their music, songs and watch their drama. The indigenous people share their life experiences and lifestyle in that way.
Gorilla Trekking

Day 7: Golden monkey trekking

Golden monkey trekking: Golden monkey is another unique primate species that shares habitat with mountain gorillas in the larger Virunga massif. The golden monkey faces the same challenges mountain gorillas are facing. You will set out from your hotel early morning with lunch boxes and meet at Kinigi tourism assembly point. Rangers will escort you on another exciting walk into the rainforest. You will spend an hour observing, interacting and admiring the golden monkeys and reunite with your safari guide at the starting point. You will set out on a 3-hour road travel to Kigali City, traverse the beautiful countryside and check into your hotel late afternoon. Relax and live your Rwanda safari dreams.

Golden Monkey Trekking

Day 8: Departure

Enjoy your stay in Rwanda.  Your safari guide will take you on tour of Kigali City to purchase Rwanda safari souvenir items, explore the Rwanda urban lifestyle and learn about the history of Rwanda. The guide will escort you to the airport in time for your departure flight.

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