Why do Silverbacks fight

Why do Silverbacks fight

Why do Silverbacks fight? : Mountain Gorillas are rare wild apes inhabiting the central parts of Africa including Uganda in Bwindi impenetrable national park and Mgahinga national park, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo in the Volcanoes national park and Virunga National Park.

The national parks protecting these endangered species have what we call habituated ‘mountain Gorillas’. The habituated families, are families which have been trained to be close to human beings as they carry out their day to day life experience including, playing, feeding, grooming, and travelling at a close 7 meters away from Humans.

These habituated families, each family has a leader and this leader is called a silverback with gray hair on his back defining the word ‘silver’.

A silverback, is a mutual gorilla who is a male in control and protection of his family members as any leader would do for his family.

As you’re researching about why silverbacks fight? You can see that a silverback is a ‘leader’ of the family who is in charge of fighting and protecting his members. The family consist of 15 to 30 individuals including the infants, females and the males.

The following will give us answers to why the silverback fights? Gorillas are actually innocent and gently wild animals,

Their options are not solved by fighting, but they display their behaviors by beating their chests and loud hooting especially by silverbacks.

A silverback has sharp canines’ teeth with great strength. It’s a very dangerous animal when it’s in the fighting moods.

A silverback can attack only when his being threatened by another group, when the groups meet, the leaders at times engage in a fight to death, as they use their sharp canine teeth to cause deep and gaping injuries.

A silverback fights in order to protect its family members from harm, since he is the leader and in charge of the family members’ safety.

Normally a silverback fights small animals but in case threatened, by its predators the human including the  ‘leopard’ who has the ability to kill an adult Gorilla, who will fight to death ,although they can not die during a fight but will die because of the wound which has failed to recover.

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