largest Gorilla Specie

Which is the largest Gorilla Specie?

Largest gorilla specie: Gorillas have different types of species which include the endangered Mountain Gorillas, the western lowland Gorillas, central lowland and the Eastern lowland Gorillas. In all the types of species, the Eastern lowland Gorillas are the largest gorilla species in the family of the great apes which are now listed as critically endangered. The eastern lowland inhabit in the lowland tropical rain-forests in the eastern part of Democratic Republic of Congo.

The species are distinguished from other Gorillas by their stocky body, large hands and short muzzle. They feed on mainly fruits and herbaceous materials. Like all other Gorillas, the lowland Gorillas have a broad chest, large head and shoulders with a shiny hairy black face.

Eastern lowland Gorillas, were nearly 17,000 in the 1990’s, but the research has it in record that the number has declined by 50%. This remaining portion occupies only 13%, although the accurate accounting of animals has been impossible because of the civil war and violence in the region.

Another threat to these large Gorillas is habitat loss, caused by deforestation, which leads the Gorillas to be exposed to poaching, even in the national park of Kahuzi Biega, a home which protects the big population of eastern lowland Gorillas.

Due to its large size the eastern lowland Gorillas, have few predators in its forest including the odd crocodiles and large cats such as leopards, which are the only threat.

In the past 50 years, the range of the habitat has decreased from 8,100 square miles to about 4,600 square miles currently.

The largest gorilla specie tend to live in groups which is protected by the alpha male, who protects the family from danger and also mates with the females in this group, producing only single offspring called ‘babies’.

The infants stay with their mothers until they are of age to become independent, if he is a male .he will go attract females to form his own group and become a leader.

Their big species when they grow up, the silverback weighs 204-250kilograms and a male can weigh 272 kilograms.

The females will weigh half of the males’ kilograms. The males can stand on a height of 1.76 meters and females stand at 1.60 meters.

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