Umubano Gorilla Group

Umubano Gorilla Group

Umubano Gorilla Group; Rwanda volcanoes national park inhabits 10 habituated Gorilla groups. Rwanda is one the countries among the 3 countries in the world with mountain Gorillas.

Mountain Gorillas, are endangered species living in the jungle that is located northwest park of Rwanda. It takes 2 hours drive from Kigali International airport.

Volcanoes national park is located in the Virungas that have 3 volcanoes such as Karisimbi, Bisoke and Mikeno.
Virunga National Park has an estimated total number of 400 mountain gorillas and about 300 mountain Gorillas out of the 400 Gorillas inhabit the forest gentle slopes of volcanoes national park.

One of the habituated mountain Gorillas is the Umubano gorilla group, which is trekked by a total number of 8 trekkers everyday and expected to spend only 1 hour with this family.

The word Umubano is derived from a local word which means ‘living together’. This family broke away from Ubumwe as a result of constant battle between Charles and Ubumwe the two Silverbacks never agreed on ruling which was very challenging.

This caused Charles as he matured into a Silverback, he could no longer stand being led and given orders by Ubumwe.
He decided to start a fight which took for weeks and months. Which led to Charles to succeed his break away with some family members hence he formed Umubano family.

Since then he has been the leader in power, commending the group. The group has been observed, interacting between silverbacks but no fights have been seen taking place ever since the great battle of separation ended.

This group has 13 members including the 1 silverbacks 1 black back, 3 adults and their offspring. Enjoy a hike to meet with this group led by a protective leader Umubano the hike takes 30 minutes to 3 hours to encounter with this family.

Watch them from a 7 meters away as they carry out their day to day life including playing, feeding and grooming each other.

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