Ugenda Gorilla Group

Ugenda Gorilla Group

Ugenda Gorilla Group; Rwanda, is among the countries in Africa, which inhabit the endangered species in the world including Uganda and democratic Republic of Congo.

Mountain Gorillas, are endangered apes, one of the largest species in the family of primates. Which share 98% human DNA.

These endangered species live in the jungles of volcanoes national park, the park is located in the northwestern part of Rwanda in the village of ‘Musanze’ recently known as Ruhengeri.

The park is accessible by public transport and the journey takes only 2 hours away from Kigali international airport or Gisenyi. hence a tourist can do gorilla trekking on the same day and then go back depending on your arrival time since it requires one to be at the park headquarters by 7:00am.

The park inhabits the 10 habituated Gorilla and each family has unique characteristics one of the group is the ‘Ugenda Gorilla Group’.

The family has 11 members with 2 Silverbacks. Ugenda gorilla group inhabits the area of Karisimbi volcanoes.

The group is hard to trek because it’s always on the move as the name defines it Ugenda a local word meaning on the move.

The Ugenda gorilla group family was named after its behavior of moving from one place to another and building new nests for night shifts. This gives a reason why the group must be trekked fresh everyday.

Although rangers and guides always go faster before the trekkers to find where the gorilla family is located to make it easier for the trekkers.

The trek takes 30 minutes to 6 hours to locate the group and one is allowed to spend one hour with the group as they watch them carry out their day to today activities such as feeding, playing, grooming each other and playing. Enjoy a great experience with one of the few mountain Gorillas left in the world.

The guide will have full information about the family and its location so one needs not to worry.

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