Titus Gorilla Group

Titus Gorilla Group

Titus Gorilla Group; Rwanda, is among the three countries where the mountain Gorillas live including Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo. Mountain Gorillas, are endangered apes one of the largest species in the family of primates.

Mountain Gorillas share a human DNA of 98% after the baboons and chimpanzees.

Mountain Gorillas, live in the jungles of volcanoes national park, the park is located in the northwest of Rwanda and it takes 2 hours away from Kigali city and Kigali international airport.

The park has 10 habituated families and one of them is Titus the gorilla group.

Titus Gorilla Group was named after the silverback who was born in 1974 during the days of Dian Fossey at Karisoke one of the family she was carrying out her studies.

He was named by the Gorilla researcher ‘Kelly Stewart’, who used to observe the group at that time. Titus lost his family members to poachers including his uncle, father, brother and his sisters.

During that time the group had no females, for eight years and the males were observed in Homosexual behavior until when females from other groups started joining the group.

Titus was a leader for quite a long time until he exchanged power to ‘Beetsme’ who had become a silverback and was ready to be in power.

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He was in power until his death in 2001. Titus was recorded as one male who sired more children and controlled the largest gorilla group in the world.

He had power of leadership who began a fight with his silverback son Kuryama.

He was protective to the female whereby he was observed biting a female when she was caught mating with his son Kuryama in secret. Beetsme was a good leader until he died.

Titus gorilla group is one of the families which has lived for a long period of time.

The group has new and old members all living together.

8 people are allowed to trek and spend one hour with this group .the trek is more favorable during the dry season book a tour and enjoy a beautiful encounter.

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