The Best Time For Gorilla Trekking

The best time for gorilla trekking in Bwindi Forest Impenetrable National Park is in the high seasons of the year. There two seasons in the year i.e. high and low seasons. The busiest and the best time for gorilla trekking is during the months of June, October, March and December, these months are the dry seasons or the peak seasons when the forest are not that slippery although the forests are rainy forests.

Mountain Gorillas can be trekked throughout the year. There is no specific season when it comes to Gorilla trekking.
Gorilla trekking takes place in the rain forest it can rain any time. Some other trekkers would prefer to trek during the low season. This is because the rainy seasons when their few people and lower prices on the market and when accommodations are discounted on both budget and luxury. The wet seasons run from April to May and November to December. The permits become so available since their few trekkers in the park.

The best climate in all is the dry season. However, all year round, gorilla trekking can take place. Even during the dry season, it will rain and one has to be fully equipped with weather gadgets including rain jackets, waterproof boots.

For those who would love to trek the Gorillas in the park with reduced number of trekkers then the wet season will work for you.The best seasons where there are a number of trekkers are the months of June-July, August, September, December, January and February.

The rain seasons of Uganda run from March through May, October to November, sometime it’s easy to trek the mountain Gorillas in the low elevated areas where there is plenty of food during the wet seasons they will move closer hence making the trekkers shorter.

  Gorilla Trekking During Rainy Seasons

During the rainy season, it doesn’t rain the whole day and at times it might rain at night or early morning hours. Carry the right wear for the day knowing it might rain any time of the day. Carry boots, rain jackets, enough water, waterproof day pack, long sleeved jeans and shirts to protect you from the nettles.

There are porters at the park headquarters who can help you carry what might be heavy. By doing so your helping the community near the park to attain education. Carry a walking stick which is provided by the park or at the lodge, the park is slippery and muddy you will need support. Gorilla trekking in all the country it’s a year round activity.

Porters help to carry you and your luggage.
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