Nkuringo Community Conservation and Development Foundation

Nkuringo Community Conservation and Development Foundation (NCCDF)

NCCDF – Nkuringo is located in Bwindi forest national park on a hillside bordering Bwindi forest with an extended view of Congo. You will enjoy the beautiful views of the rolling hills and the rugged roads as you drive to Nkuringo. I would say Nkuringo is a beautiful place to visit and enjoy a culture experience with beautiful scenery.

NCCDF supports the community women through the head craft shops which are made by the local and their sold to the visitors, the development trains orphans how to sing and perform at the close lodges for visitors. Have a stopover at Nicalas, the blacksmith which dates back in the Stone Age from which workaholic Nicolas hammers turned metals into utensils, hoes, Pangas and arrows.

Sessile welcomes you into her home watch a series of traditional huts, grinding stones, apparatus for distilling Waragi, cooking pots and many more. Have a chance to visit the traditional healer who uses local medicine from the forests to treat people such an amazing encounter to learn from the local doctor who is fully informed about all local herbs to treat the community.

Have a chance to visit the local schools how they study with high spirit with no computers and shoes at times, they walk from home to school and go back the same ,some from a long distance but manage to make it on time at school with no cars to drop them off or school buses to transport them it’s such an amazing experience of a life time.

Visit the local community workers throughout their day to day life as they wash, grind food for eating, share a meal with them in any community home under the Development of NCCDF – Nkuringo. These community walks are guided by a tourist guide who is well informed about all the activities in this developing sector.

It’s a great opportunity to encounter with the local people in this conservation and development foundation. The community offers you a life time experience to learn a lot from a different culture away from your home.

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