Mountain Gorillas in Bwindi

Mountain Gorillas in Bwindi

Mountain Gorillas in Bwindi; Bwindi impenetrable national park is located in the southwestern part of Uganda and situated along the Democratic Republic of Congo border next to the Virunga national park at the edge of the Albertine Rift. The park is measured on the land 331 square kilometers.

The park is one of the largest national parks in Uganda on both Montane and lowland forest and can only be accessible on foot.

The main tourist attraction / activity in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest is Gorilla trekking since the park inhabits half of the world’s population of endangered mountain Gorillas with 11 habituated families that are trained to the presence of human beings and a number of 8 people is allowed to trek each family in order to prevent the risks of passing diseases from tourist to the mountain Gorillas(mountain gorillas in Bwindi).

All the power to Control these mountain Gorillas is generated by the Uganda Wildlife Authority and Tourists wishing to trek the mountain Gorillas must first obtain a Gorilla permit. These mountain Gorillas are located in the forest sectors of the park where they can be trekked including Buhoma, Ruhija, Rushaga and Nkuringo.

The park inhabits about 340 mountain Gorillas which makes it half of the world’s population are all protected in this park and the rest of the mountain gorillas are populated in the Virunga mountains which are shared both Congo and Rwanda.

During the 2006 census in the park it is said that the number of Mountain Gorillas had increased from 300 members although the loss of habitat is the greatest threat to these giant wild apes. The research on mountain Gorillas of Bwindi has been carried out by ‘Craig Stanford’ with his research he says that the mountain Gorillas in Bwindi their diet is high in fruits compared to the Virunga Mountain Gorillas.

He also started that the elder Gorillas called Silverbacks are likely to climb trees, feed on fruits on top of the trees the habit which is similar to the chimpanzees. Research has it that mountain Gorillas of Bwindi travel farther per a day that the Virunga mountain Gorillas he concludes that Bwindi Gorillas are likely to display their nests in trees.

Mountain Gorillas in Bwindi

These wild apes are an endangered species, with a total population of 650 members, while currently there are no mountain Gorillas in captivity as recorded in 1960s and 1970s. Although mountain Gorillas inhabit Bwindi Impenetrable national park their other activities carried out in this park including Primate walks to spot out the white colobus monkeys.

Bird watching for birder lovers during the trek of mountain Gorillas one has a chance to spot out a number of birds over the trees with sounds of melodies. Village walks to visit the Batwa people who first lived in the forest and relied on the forest while fishing, harvesting wild yams and honey. This is the perfect opportunity to learn about their history through storytelling and poems.

These endangered species are visited throughout the year round although the dry season is more favorite and the roads are easily accessed. One is advised to book their gorilla permits in advance since a few number of people grouped in 8 are allowed to visit each family of Gorilla.

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