Kyaguriro Gorilla Group

Kyaguriro Gorilla Group

Kyaguriro Gorilla Group is one of the five families inhabiting the Ruhija sector of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park.

Bwindi impenetrable forest is located in the southwestern part of Uganda. This national park has four gorilla trekking sectors and one of the sectors is Ruhija where this Kyaguriro Gorilla Group is located.

As you travel to Ruhija sector to have an encounter with this gorilla group, you will definitely enjoy a thrilling experience whilst viewing the magnificent views of the Kigezi rolling hills.

Kyaguriro Gorilla Group was first habituated in the year 1995, however the family was not visited by any tourist then and by that time there was no assurance for gorilla permits to trek this family. This is because the gorilla family had to first be set apart for research by the institute of Evolutionary Anthropology.

This Kyaguriro Gorilla Group family faced a major hard time on 7th April 2015 when its Silverback – Rukina, the leader of the group by then got struck to death by lightning.

After the death of Rukina, the family later on sought the leadership of Mukazi, a young silverback who took over power till he got ambushed by a silverback from the Bitukura family to cause a break away and separation of the family. This led to the birth of the following groups; Kyaguriro A, Rukara and Kyaguriro B-Mukazi in may 2016.

The family apparently has 15 members including two Silverbacks. This family is often located in the deep forest of Ruhija sector.

Despite its habituation, the Kyaguriro Gorilla Group has not been visited by tourists to this present day because it was put aside for research.

The Kyaguriro Gorilla Group was put aside for research in so as to further learn about the Mountain Gorillas of Bwindi national park inclusive of their various differences with the gorillas that inhabit the Virunga Conservation Area.

The history of this family started with an aging silverback called Zeus who later on died in exile after being banished by his rival Rukina. Enjoy your visit to the Ruhija sector.

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