Karisimbi Gorilla Group

Karisimbi Gorilla Group (Susa B)

Karisimbi Gorilla Group susa b ; Over 10 habituated Mountain Gorilla families inhabit the Virunga Conservation Area and one of them is the Karisimbi Gorilla Group which is visited by only 8 people a day inclusive of a full hour encounter with these critically endangered primates.

The Karisimbi Gorilla Group is currently led by Nyagakangaga, a dominate and ambitious Silverback who would do anything to protect his family from any sorts of danger. The group came into existence after breaking off from Susa Gorilla group in the year 2009.

Nyagakangaga suddenly split with 13 members and moved away to form his own Mountain gorilla family called the Susa B group by then. This group was later on named Karisimbi in 2010. The gorilla family apparently moves around the Karisimbi Mountain which is apparently the highest peak among the Virunga Volcanoes.

Today this group comprises of 11 members including 1 adult female, 4 Silverbacks, 1 black back and 2 infants. This family had 15 members before but unfortunately another faction broke away to form another group with some other new members.


This group apparently established it’s own group near a caldera in Karisimbi. A hike to this group may take a whole day since at times the group moves to the higher altitude hence giving the trekkers a whole new physical challenge whilst they trek.

This is one of the hardest Mountain Gorilla families to trek in the Volcanoes hence, if you need to tire out whilst gorilla trekking in Rwanda then this group in particular is highly recommended. However, this should worry you less since the park rangers and guides locate the group first in order to make hiking easier for the guests.

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