How smart are gorillas?

How smart are gorillas? Gorillas are some of the most endangered wildlife species in the entire world and for that fact gorillas are left in just very few countries in the entire world and of that Uganda is one of those countries.

Gorilla trekking safaris are some of the most famous safaris in the entire East Africa and this is because most want to experience the beauty of these endangered species at large.

Gorillas are most are mostly found in only three countries in East Africa and these are Uganda, Rwanda and Congo and if you wish to know more about these primates considering these three countries for gorilla trekking will be worth.

Gorilla are said to have almost 98 percent of the human DNA and this makes these species to be very unique from all the rest of the wildlife species in the entire world.

Gorillas are calm, reserved and patient less adaptable and curious than chimpanzees but with a great level of intelligence than any other wildlife species in the entire world.

In terms of brain weight, gorillas come second after humans with an average brain weight of about 500g and hence listed among the highly intelligent primates in the world.

Most sightseers on a Uganda safari most especially for trekking experiences tend to wonder how smart are these creators and most even want to know about their habits and facts.

Achieve global safaris is here to answer this question and in this article get to know some of the things that make mountain gorillas to be extremely smart and different from other fauna.

Gorillas are considered highly intelligent and for this kind of intelligence gorilla are so reserved and cared for worldwide in order to see to it that the species are not destroyed by poachers.

Facts that make gorillas intelligent

Tool usage: Most cases to notice the intelligence of gorillas this is mostly shown throw their ability of using natural materials as tools to do what they want to do in sop very many different ways like making resting points for themselves.

Communication skills: the impressive communication skills of gorillas is yet one other way to show how intelligent these species are, gorillas have been recorded to have over 25 different vocalizations skills to communicate and these are; aggression, contentment, distress and group coordination.

How smart are gorillas?
How smart are gorillas?

Mothering skills: the way gorillas train their little’s one of the other ways one can rate the intelligence of these primates, their mothering skills are just exceptional compared to other animals.

These are some of the major ways to rate the intelligence of  gorillas while on a gorilla trek safari in Uganda despite of that fact that you can still learn more about these lovely creators on your summer vacation in Uganda.

With achieve global safaris you can experience these lovely primates in their natural habitants as you get to explore and learn more of their intelligence you can get a booking with use to have a day spent with them on a gorilla trek safari in either Uganda, Rwanda or even Congo.

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