Gorilla Trekking Rules and Regulations

Gorilla Trekking Rules and Regulations

Gorilla Trekking Rules and Regulations; Mountain Gorillas these are endangered Gorillas with only 450 left in the world,mountain Gorillas are found in 3 countries Uganda, Congo and Rwanda the rest of the Gorillas are lowland Gorillas and mainly their found in the zoo.
Your visit to the mountain Gorillas should not decrease on the numbers according to the 2006 census, there are only 450 mountain Gorillas left in the wild.
For those who would want to plan to trek the habituated mountain Gorillas these are the Gorilla Trekking Rules and Regulations to guide you;

  • After the briefing at the headquarters a maximum number of 8 people is allowed to visit the mountain Gorillas to each Gorilla family. The 8 people are grouped in order not to make noise, to minimize the behavioral disturbance of the mountain Gorillas and not also to pass human infectious borne diseases.
  • Wash your hands before you go for Gorilla trekking.
  • Keep your voices silent, by keeping your voices low this enables one to look out for different mammals in the forest, remember it’s a forest which protects and inhabits a number of birds, mammal by lowering your voices you will have a chance to see more of the inhabitants of the forest.
  • Do not live the Rubbish behind during your trek,the animals might eat the Rubbish and die; always keep all the Rubbish in bags and go back with them.
  • Approaching the mountain Gorillas the guides and rangers will let you know that when you encounter with the Gorillas; Always stand 7 meters away from the Gorillas. The more you stand back the more relaxed they become to continue with their day to day life, observe them closely as they eat, play, groom each other, display their nests such a beautiful encounter.
  • Always keep your voices low, however questions are allowed to be asked in case you need to know more.
  • Stay in tight groups of eight & do not move around the Gorillas may take charge.
  • Do not look direct in their eyes and do not run away this may increase the risk.
  • You’re advised not to touch the Gorillas these are ‘wild animals’.
  • Do not eat, smoke, drink this may live the droppings causing the Gorillas to eat and might lead to transmission of diseases.
  • Flash Cameras with lights are not allowed during the trek.
  • The maximum time to spend with the mountain Gorillas is 1 hour. After all that time spent with the mountain Gorillas move 200 meters away and start talking, but in a low voice.

General health Gorilla Trekking Rules and Regulations

  • If you need to use a toilet,you need to dig a hole of about 30 meters fill / cover it up after use.
  • Staying 7 meters away this avoids the risk of catching diseases.
    Although people with cough and flu are not allowed to trek the Gorillas. But in case you suffering from such diseases, like air borne diseases you must turn your head around, cough and sneeze while covering yourself in order not to pass on the diseases.
  • If one feels ill or carrying a contagious diseases you’re advised to stay behind, you will be refunded.
  • Do not live rubbish behind Gorillas might eat them, either get infected or die.

What to bring with you.

  • Flash cameras are not permitted, bring a film camera.
  • Carry sunscreen,lotion, a hat, insect repellent, and a rain gear.
    Carry a packed lunch and enough bottled water.
  • For those who don’t feel comfortable with the sound of the jungle put on ear plugs.
  • Wear comfortable hiking shoes, the forest is steep and slippery.
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