Silverbacks in Bwindi

Full List of Silverbacks in Bwindi

Full List of Silverbacks in Bwindi; Gorillas are inhabited in Bwindi Impenetrable National park, one of the largest national parks in Uganda of low montane land, rainforest which is located southwest part of Uganda. Bwindi forest national park is divided into four regions/sector including Rushaga, Buhoma, Ruhija and Nkuringo all these gorilla trekking sectors inhabit the mountain Gorillas and each gorilla family in the sector is habituated and can be visited by a group of 8 people.

A family and its members are always protected and guided by one silverback who is in charge of leadership power. Below is a list of silverbacks who are in power to protect and guide the family.

Mwirima-Rushegura Family

In Buhoma region has Rushegura family and this family has 19 members these members are led by one silverback Mwirima a brother to the former silverback named Rwansiganzi.

Mwirima who is in his late 20s and a brother to a former silverback in Habinyanja called Rwansigazi

Mugurisi-Habinyanja Family

Mungurisi was a silverback leading the Habinyanja family his name meant ‘old man in local’ word by Bakiga. When Rwansigazi gave up his power of leadership skills, Makara the Dominant silverback became the leader.

Ruhondeza-Mubare Family

The Mubare family in Buhoma sector is led by Ruhondenza who passed on because of his old age and was inherited by alpha the silverback called Kanyonyi.

Ndahura – Bitukura Family

In Ruhija sector there are silverbacks the Bitukura Gorilla family is led by Ndahura who inherited and took over power from Karumazi the silverback who was aged and could no longer lead. Ndahura is reigning who is in charge of giving family happiness.

Tebirikwata – Oruzongo Family

Oruzongo Gorilla family is led by Tebirikwata one of the oldest Gorilla who leads a family of 25 members, he is energetic with his playful characters.

Zeus and Rukina-Kyaguriro

Zeus and Rukina are the recorded silverbacks in the Kyaguriro family although Zeus was banished in the forest by Rukina and later died.

Rukina who later on passed away because of his old age and now the family of Kyaguriro is led by a silverback called Rukara who has power over 15 members of the family.

Rafiki & Safari – Nkuringo Family

Nkuringo Gorilla family has a number of silverbacks who have come leading for generation including Silverback Alpha who was named after the word ‘Nkuringo’ who passed on in 2004 but he had trained his two sons who are now silverbacks Rafiki (means friend in Kiswahili) and safari who took over power and their in charge of leading 19 members of the family.

Mishaya – Mishaya Family

When one treks the Mishaya gorilla family which was led by the silverback called Mishaya at the time of its habituation the family is now lead by Mwine the silverback.

Nshongi – Nshongi Family

In the same sector we find the habituation family of ‘Nshongi ‘which is led by a silverback called Nshogi who leads a family of 26 members.

Gwigi & Busingye – Kahungye family

Silverback Gwigi and Busingye are the silverbacks in the Kahungye family one of the family on Rushaga sector, they have been in power leading a number of 27 members.

Bwindi forest has a list of 20 silverbacks the ones leading and the formal leaders who have been in power of the family members.


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