Discounted Gorilla Permits

Discounted Gorilla Permits & how to get them in Uganda and Rwanda

Discounted Gorilla Permits; Mountain Gorilla trekking definitely contributes the lion share of profits in the Uganda tourism industry at the moment with so many tourists travelling each and every year to have encounters with these gentle giants.

Are you just one of those tourists who would very much love to visit the country for a thrilling Mountain Gorilla trekking experience? As you may know, a Uganda gorilla trekking permit costs $600 and $450 for high and low seasons respectively but there is a possibility of getting low priced / discounted gorilla permits.

This article is a cheat sheet and will help you get a discounted gorilla permit in Uganda and a free permit in Rwanda if possible despite a gorilla permit costing a standard fee of $1500 each in Rwanda throughout the year.

The best way one can get discounted Gorilla permits is by scheduling a trek for the low season of Uganda where you only have to spend $450 compared to the $600 of the high season and $1500 fee of Rwanda.

The first low season of Uganda runs from mid-march to late May and second runs from late August to late November. During these months, there is less demand for permits hence, you are likely to even get one during the very last days to your expedition.

For those that prefer trekking in Rwanda, for every 10 permits you purchase you get one free as per policies of the Rwanda Development Board implicating if you are a group of 11 people, you will be able to get one permit free and save a whopping $1500. Unfortunately, your tour operator might not disclose this to you BUT for those that book their Rwanda gorilla tracking safaris with us in groups of more than 10 usually enjoy this benefit.

Also not that some safari operators are willing to offer you a permit for as low as $300 for specific dates hence, we recommend you always find out the dates they can offer such huge discounts before scheduling your safari.

This often happens when clients purchase permits and cancel their bookings after and then operators have to resell the permits so that they get some money to refund the clients. In such scenarios, the operators can sell a permit for a low as $300 or reserve it for you.

Please note that not all operators do this but a few of them do. We can do that for you as well if only you inquire with us months prior to enable us arrange that for you despite having no guarantee towards it.

The final thing to note is you cannot get discounted Gorilla permits in Uganda if you are travelling in the peak season. Always think no further than the low season.

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