Booking for Gorilla Trekking

Booking for Gorilla Trekking takes a certain number of steps and procedures. Contact a trusted tour operator who is also a member of Association of Uganda Tour Operators three months pro to your travel. The operator will go ahead and book your permits at Uganda Wildlife Authority headquarters in Kampala.

Book three months or even one year, two years depending on what you can afford. You will need to deposit 30% and the balance must be paid within the 91 days of travel. Late payment deposit of 70% is not permitted, however a surcharge of 20% is forfeited without refund.

80% of Gorilla permits can be booked for two years in advance, the tour operator is allowed only to book 20 permits per a day.

The shortest time for one to make a booking for gorilla trekking is three months in advance. The permits are not sold on the day of booking for sale there is not limitation on the number of tour operators would buy.

Refund and cancellation

The Uganda wildlife Authority refunds only 50% and this happens only when the visitor fails to trek due to illness after the warden at the park has recommended the trekker not to trek the Mountain Gorillas.

The full refund is for visitors who decide to trek in Mgahinga and after fail to trace the mountain Gorillas due to their movement into the neighboring country in Rwanda, a permit refund will be permitted. For those who will fail to trek the Gorillas for the whole day a refund of 70% fee is returned, the refund is collected at the Uganda wildlife headquarters in Kampala.

Follow the percentages offered guidelines by Uganda Wildlife Authority.

  • 0-9 days to trek no refund
  • 9 -45 days to 25% refund to client.
  • 50-90 days to trekking 50%
  • 100 days to trekking 75% refund to client.
  • The 30% refund is made depending on the value of the permit.
  • Selling of permits at a face value is penalized.
  • Permits are only sold by the Uganda wildlife Authority.
  • Payments for the permits have only to be done at the Uganda wildlife Authority.

Reschedules of permit reservations

The reschedules of permit reservations are not allowed however only when its more than 91 days to the trek and 7 days to the date that’s the only time one can reschedule.

Only 20% refund and more charges of the day are considered as cancellation and rebooking, kindly apply and rebook for the new date at a full cost.

The terms of payment

Accepted payment method; One can choose to use Cash of Uganda Shillings, Pounds, Dollars, Euros however US dollars and shillings are highly recommended. The 100 USD note should be 2006 and above.

For Bank transfers, one must add on the bank charges.

Present a purchase receipt for those with travelers cheques .

Time Limit

Trekking takes place from 8:30am to 7:00pm return to the lodge before 7:00pm.

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