Amahoro Gorilla Group

Amahoro Gorilla Group

Amahoro Gorilla Group /family is one of the habituated Mountain Gorilla families that are sheltered by Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda. The name “Amahoro” was derived from a local word that means “peace”.

The family apparently has a tally of 17 members including one silverback called Ubumwe, 2 black back ‘male Gorillas’, 5 infant gorillas, and 4 youth Gorillas.

This family is known as the most peaceful of all the mountain Gorilla families in Volcanoes National Park. The currently inhabit the gentle slopes mountain Bisoke, one of the great mountains of the volcanoes.

The name Amahoro was given to the group because of a very kind and peaceful silverback named Ubumwe who always loses members to other families.

Ubumwe’s peaceful characters have majorly caused the family to lose some members. These members keep switching to other gorilla families and most of them have so far joined Umubano Gorilla Group. Ubumwe does not like to fight hence, often surrenders to other silverbacks.

Getting to Amahoro Gorilla Group involves a hectic hike and one advantage this family has over the rest is that bonding with them is quite easy and you won’t see any kind of resistance or anger in this family.

This same peaceful behavior has pushed a few tourists who took their time to unwind more information about Mountain Gorilla families in Rwanda to opt for it. There is always a unique experience attached to tracking them!

What you should know is Mountain Gorillas have to be habituated for quite a long time in order to be made readily accessible by humans.

Habituated gorillas are gorillas that have undergone training and are familiar with humans hence, made available for gorilla tracking.

Amahoro Gorilla Group is one those Rwanda gorilla families that have already been habituated to face humans and carry out their daily activity in their presence with less or no resistance at all.

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