Blog -Being a top destination for mountain gorilla trekking, so many tourists visit Bwindi each and every other year to have close encounters with it’s endangered species of mountain gorillas. Bwindi is top among the national parks that generate the most revenue to Uganda Wildlife Authority annually. In case you are planning a visit this impenetrable forest then this section is for you! Above are just some of the vital information that could guide you and make your gorilla safari planning process much easier but still, if you feel anything has been left out then you can go ahead to get in touch with us and we shall provide the best answers within the shortest time possible.

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park Uganda is a very beautiful place. Trekking your way into it’s forests is somehow challenging but fun at the same time. We only wish nothing but the best of your gorilla trekking adventure safari when you visit this national park any time.

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