Golden Monkey Tracking

4 Days gorilla and golden monkey tracking

4 Days gorilla and golden monkey tracking

We travel to the Virunga volcanic ranges and trek the legendary giant apes; Mountain gorillas in their natural habitat. Wandering into the jungle of Volcanoes on the lookout for the gorillas is an exciting combination of adventure and fun. This is an opportunity to explore the rainforest and discover that gorilla trekking expedition is much larger than looking at the gorillas. We explore the rainforests again tracking the Golden monkey; another primate species endemic to Virunga volcanic region. We will visit the gorilla guardians’ village and briefly live like indigenous Rwandans.

Safari activities

  • Explore the countryside
  • Mountain gorilla trekking
  • Golden monkey tracking
  • Visit the gorilla guardians’ village

Day 1: Pick up from airport, travel to Volcanoes

Welcome for your gorilla trekking safari into Rwanda. The safari guide on your safari to Rwanda will pick you upon arrival at Kigali International Airport. You will share a cup of coffee/ lunch as you share wonderful information about your safari to Rwanda. Shortly, you set out for a 3-hour travel northwest of Rwanda traversing a scenic terrain of beautiful highlands. You wander through indigenous communities minding their crop plantations. You will check into your hotel close to the mist-covered rainforest and let the excitement of gorilla trekking safari in Rwanda sink in.

Day 2: Gorilla trekking expedition, interaction with indigenous Rwandans 

  • Gorilla tracking:Your safari guide meets you up very early morning and escorts you to gorilla trekking assembly point with your lunch boxes. Rangers welcome you, brief you about Rwanda gorilla trekking experiences and shortly descend you into the forests. The gorilla trekking safari in Rwanda is full of excitement in an instant. The gorilla trekking team is encircled in wildlife from all corners. The team explores the rain forest, wanders in the wilderness and traverse sharp valleys threatening to give away any moment. Shortly, the gorilla trekking team discovers the exact location gorillas are feeding from and the gorilla trekking visitors have an opportunity to observe, listen and capture memorial photos of gorillas. The team then sets out of the forest to the trail head. Your safari guide on tour into Rwanda will escort into the Gorilla Guardians’ Village to visit and interact with an indigenous community with exciting experiences of wildlife. Each individual has a unique moving story about wildlife to tell. Visitors listen to songs, music, stories, watch drama and are welcome dance to their tunes. You return to your hotel accommodation, relax and live your Rwanda safari dreams.

Day 3: Golden monkey tracking

  • Golden monkey tracking:Golden monkey is a beautiful primate species with a golden fur on the body and sharing the same Virunga National Park habitat with the Mountain gorillas. Unlike gorillas, golden monkeys are fewer in number, less researched about, less talked about, yet they face similar challenges as Mountain gorillas. The safari guide will escort you to the assembly point in time for briefing. You meet up with the rangers who will share Golden monkey tracking experiences. The team then sets out into and explores the rain forest following fresh signs of golden monkeys’ presence. You will spend the stipulated time interacting with the golden moneys and descend to the starting point to meet up your safari guide. Relax the rest of the day and share the Rwanda safari experiences with friends online.

 Day 4: Transfer back to Kigali .

  • Departure: DeRelax in your morning sleep. Take breakfast at your own pace and shortly set out on 3-hour travel to Kigali City. The travel schedule and activities of the day are linked to your departure flight schedule. You will have lunch in Kigali City and visit a few historic places. The safari guide will escort you to Kigali International Airport in time for your flight to end your tour into Rwanda.
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