What Mountain Gorillas Eat

What Mountain Gorillas Eat, Feeding Habits

Many people wonder what mountain Gorillas eat they mainly stick on vegetarian diets, bamboo shoots, stems and fruits. Although their feeding depends on the nature of the habitat and the season of the year.

The mountaineer Gorillas mainly feed green plants. Note that during dry seasons the mountain Gorillas feed and consume a lot of seeds and tree barks in order to gain some water.

The mountain Gorillas that inhabit the Virugas which are shared by 3 countries Uganda, Rwanda and Congo draw their food from 30 species of plants although a percentage of fruit consumption that’s why must of Gorillas are seen climbing trees of all age ranges.

An adult Gorilla consumes to about 30kgs everyday while a female Gorilla consumes 18kg of food everyday. Gorillas take in a lot of soil which is breaks down the poisonous substances contained in their food and also the soil contains some minerals which are missing in their daily food.

Gorillas can not eat and consume big animals but they eat small animals including insects but only 1% contribution to their food.

These wild apes process their food with the help of their chewing muscles that are very strong with teeth that are like for human beings except long pointed canines that are possessed by adult Gorillas although they don’t use them for eating but biting their fellow Gorillas and enemies.

If their in area of plenty of food they will eat and enjoy much sleep every after moment of eating they move from place to place looking for food in all the forest from different trees, climbing on top and feeding on grounds depending on the area.

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